Jennifer Lopez Plans For Max & Emme’s Birthday Party

Mom-of-two Jennifer Lopez is set to host a colorful party for her twins’ February 22nd birthday.

“They’re 5 next month,” J.Lo said of Max and Emme. “You know, they want a rainbow party. Lots of rainbow stuff. Very colorful!”

The signer-actress — who split with Max and Emme’s father Marc Anthony — also explained why she signed on to play a bankrupt divorcée in her latest film Parker.

“[My character] was going through the worst moment in her life, and it just so happens that by the time we started filming, I was kind of feeling the same way,” she said.

“I was going through one of the hardest moments in my life with the separation and with the kids and everything, and it was very difficult,” the former American Idol judge added. “In front of kids and at work, you have to be so professional. You have to be so up for your children in that moment — I was lucky to be able to be in front of the camera and act exactly how I felt! So it was a blessing.”

And director Taylor Hackford knew she was right for the role.

“He said, ‘I see something in you. You never give up. And that’s what I need for this character. She’s in the worst moment in her life, but she never gives up. She’s looking, she’s trying, she’s scraping the bottom, but she’s going,'” J.Lo recalled Hackford as saying.

She added: “I was flattered that he thought of me, because it was a real acting part. It was very complex, what she was going through in the moment, and what she would do, how desperate she was, so it was nice.”

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  1. A. Smyth

    Given the fact that her daughter gets around town with designer bags, I expect their birthday will be completely over the top and so much money will be spent on it that could (instead) save the lives of at least a few hundred starving children from Africa or Asia. Maybe just have a party at home (most kids don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars, they just care about attention and love) and send the money to those who need it more.

  2. Happy Birthday to the Sweetest Twins Ever!

  3. manuz

    i hope you not bring casper smart.he was damaging ur childrens

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