Julie Bowen: My Kids Are “Juvenile Deliquents”

Funny mom Julie Bowen stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, where she gave the audience an update on her boys Oliver, 5, and Gus and John, 3.

“They are juvenile delinquents,” the Modern Family star joked, adding of her oldest son, “I’ve got one who evaded an alarm system in my house – I don’t know how – at 5am, got out to the minivan to retrieve a hidden stash of candy…. [He] conveniently left the lights on in the minivan, so then at 7:30 when it’s go time – dead car battery.

It sounds like Oliver’s little brothers keep mom on her toes as well: “[That’s] not as bad as one of the 3-year-olds who wants to do nothing but watch me get undressed and break stuff,” said Julie.

The star found herself in some hot water this week after Jimmy Kimmel took over her Twitter account for 24 hours and posted, among other things, this: “Why do people like @JustinBieber? The only thing worse than his music are his fans. #truth #babybabybabyNO”

Not surprisingly, the Tweet sparked a slew of angry responses from the singer’s army of Beliebers!

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I love her and her sense of humor, lol. She loves her kids, but she is honest about it not always being fun…I think most of us can relate 🙂


Ha! My cousin did that when he was 6 or 7. He got into the garage in the middle of the night so that he could get his baseball bag out of his mom’s car. He was so excited about starting the season that he wanted to sleep with his glove.



she is awesome.


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