Molly Sims Shares Her Baby Weight Loss Plan

Molly Sims attended the Elle’s Women In Television event on January 24. That day she also shared a photo of her son Brooks. She wrote: “Brooks getting stylish … at his fitting with @RachelZoe!”

On January 12 she also posted a snapshot of herself with Brooks wearing bunny ears. She said, “Bunny ears for Brooks! Getting into the spirit of #babygappeterrabbit”

At the Elle event the model and jewelry designer talked to US Weekly about her postpartum weight loss.

“I’m still about ten pounds away and my baby is seven months. And I look at Claire Danes at the Globes and I’m like, I hate you.”

She continued,  “I’m jealous [of women like Danes]. I wish to God I could have done it that way. But my body just didn’t. And I’m so happy I have an amazing, happy, healthy, gorgeous, Buddha-like son, but I…wish it would have been easier. I tell my husband, it made me depressed a little.”

Sims gained almost 65 pounds during her pregnancy because of a thyroid condition stating, “My thyroid kind of shut down, so that really made it very difficult in terms of the weight loss.”

To keep healthy she’s been eating “really lean protein, no salt, no oils—I mean, hard core. The problem is…you can’t [cut back your diet] until you stop breastfeeding, and I stopped at three months because I had no milk.”

The 39-year-old also works out with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson and practices Bikram yoga. She added, “[Some] women will say, ‘Oh my god, it’s so easy, and I eat M&Ms and I breastfeed all day long,’ and that’s just not true.”

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  • Holly

    actually it is that easy for some women. it was for me. I was 5 lbs under pre-pregnancy weight a week after he was born. The vitriol and jealousy from other women that it is “not normal” is really getting obscene. Being older and having a slower metabolism probably did not help her either.

  • Holly

    And I’m sure she’d never think of saying “oh, so and so was so fat after pregnancy, I couldn’t believe it.
    But it’s “ok” to talk trash about someone’s figure when it’s the other way around, right? Just because someone appears thinner than you, it doesn’t give you the right to publicly call them out. They could just as easily be suffering from an eating disorder and/or think they should gain weight but can’t.

  • emma

    Everybody’s different and for some people it’s not easy, me included. Thanks Molly for being honest! It’s nice to feel somewhat normal sometimes.

    • Anonymous

      So because I lost my ‘baby’ weight in 9 weeks, I’m not normal?

      Why do you have to put someone else down to make yourself feel better?

  • Anonymous

    This woman weighs 10 pounds more than she did before pregnancy and she’s acting like it’s the worst f*ing things that’s ever happened to her.

    That is disgusting. She is her own worst problem. You weight ten pounds more today than 2 years ago… so what?!?!?!?!

    • andrea

      And surrounding herself with people like Tracy Anderson and RAchel Zoe is not helping matters. Anderson is a former (?) bullimic and Rachel Zoe…well, take a look at her.

  • sierra

    Ok so I’m not entirely sure why Molly Simms is even a celebrity but I think it’s cuz she’s a model. Just goes to show that regular women can bounce back easier than models sometimes, and everyone is different. If you stay active during your pregnancy though and eat healthy, things will be much easier after pregnancy, and that is key!

  • Cherish

    You know modern day is getting worse and worse when losing weight and getting skinnier is more important than breastfeeding your baby….

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