Ben Affleck & Girls: Rollin’ With Roses

Before hitting the SAG Awards, Argo star Ben Affleck stepped out with his adorable daughters Violet, 7, and Seraphina, 4, at the farmer’s market in Brentwood, Calif. on Sunday (January 27). The girls looked too cute while rolling their dolls in a toy wagon. And how sweet of Ben to pick up flowers for his “beautiful” wife!

Our spinoff site, HerScoop, asks the questions: “Are Ben and Jen the new Tom and Rita?” 

It seems the hunky actor-director-producer is this generation’s ‘perfect’ Hollywood hubby.

The Argo star was beaming with pride as he accepted his award for Outstanding Producer at the Producers Guild Awards on Saturday (January 26). And he was quick to credit his win to wife, fellow actor Jennifer Garner, and their three kids, including son Samuel, 11 months.

“I want to thank my kids, who are lovely and beautiful,” he stated during his acceptance speech on behalf of Argo. “[And] I want to thank my wife without whom I wouldn’t be able to do anything, let alone direct movies.”

As well, he recently took home Best Director and Best Motion Picture Drama awards at the Golden Globes for Argo.

During his acceptance speech he couldn’t help but gush about his seemingly-perfect family.

“I want to thank my three kids Violet, Sera and Sam, I love you guys,” Ben said. “And I want to thank my wife. She’s the reason I’m standing here. I adore you, I love you so much. Thanks for sitting through this. You’re my everything.”

And during the SAG Awards – held in Los Angeles on Sunday (January 27) – Ben boasted about his stunning wife.

“She’s the most beautiful woman out there,” Ben raved during an interview with Access Hollywood, after the Argo ensemble took home the award for outstanding performance by a motion picture cast.

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  1. laura

    The girls look kinda crazy: I bet they choose their outfits, because they really look crazy! 🙂

  2. maryf

    It is a shame that they need glasses so young, hopefully their eyes will improve as they get older.

  3. Anonymous

    I think they’re adorable but those girls dress like absolute hobos!

  4. Mary

    Tom and Rita? I hope so, I love this family. The girls dress like little girls do when they dress themselves. My daughter looked homeless at times, but she was happy and she picked out her own outfit crazy or not. They obviously don’t always dress themselves esp when they go to school. This looks like hanging out at home clothes and they threw on pants and jackets to stay warm while running out with their dad.

  5. Elizabeth

    It’s been said that Ben is getting all the pity awards for not getting an Oscar best director nom. Aloso, people in L.A. dress very weird, like Seraphina in a puffer coat and Violet with bare legs and sandals. Even on a 70 degree day you’ll see people in coats.

  6. Zar55

    i love this family and the girls are not BEST dressed but they dressed NORMAL as any other kid, the only thing that i dont think it’s normal is taht Violet is wearing dress and naked legs, and Sera has winter, snow jacket?! i dont get it, like they live in different planet

  7. Anonymous

    I would question why they (parents) are always in sneakers and coats but Violet always has a dress and sandals on. I don’t live in LA so I don’t know what the weather was on Sunday but how can 2 kids be dressed so differently?

  8. Barbara

    Different kids, different temps. My youngest was always hot, oldest and me always cold. Youngest, constantly loosing his coat when he was younger. I would put it on and as soon as he was away from he would take if off and forget about it. He hasn’t owned a coat in years – hooded sweatshirt is all he needs.

  9. sami

    The only negative comment I can say is what is with today’s generation of kids wearing thick frame glasses? These girls are so cute so why do they have to choose those awful glasses. They look like mosquitoes. As for their clothes they look the way kids are supposed to look. A little mismatched but comfy. At least Jen and Ben teach them independence by letting them pick their own clothes.

  10. A. Smyth

    Violet looks like a bag lady.

  11. Anonymous

    Violet is not cute at all, very awkward looking with those big ears and huge gap in her teeth and he way she dresses doesn’t help much either.

  12. Sandra

    I just read all of these replies written before me and I didn’t even notice what the children were even wearing. It was that Ben had a flowers in his hand and that his two daughters were each carrying a lovely yellow rose in their hands. That made me say to myself that he took the girls out maybe to give Jennifer some time with the baby. It also made me say that he loves his wife and thought of bringing her flowers home and bought each of the girls a flower for themselves. My husband does bring me home flowers now and then as he loves me and he tells me he appreciates everything I do for him each and everyday. What a thoughtful gesture on Ben’s part. He looks like such an awesome husband and father.

  13. H

    Funny. I didn’t even notice what the girls were wearing either. I just noticed a family who gets papd more than any other celebrity family and it makes me think the majority of these photos are staged. I spend more time than I should cruising celebrity blogs and I see different pics of these kids and their parents on a daily basis. Ben has been known to be a big gambler/partier and it is my guess that their handlers do their best to make them look like the perfect family.
    Anyway…it trips me out that all three of those kids have features that seem to clone their mother. Beady eyes and big lips.

  14. Elektra

    Funny how the things some people find fault with the Affleck Clan for are the very things that I like about them. The way they seem to be most focused on being together (inspite of the paps, I might add) instead of what they are wearing and how they look. Children and some grownup could care less about fashion and how others view them than enjoying spending time with each other. Very refreshing, especially considering the fact they are both rich and famous. Nice to see celebs step out of the box and live like most *civilians*. Kudos to them and I hope they never change.

    Thanks for letting me put that out there. God bless them and all of us.

  15. Anonymous

    Where does she buy their clothes? From a consignment shop? They always looked like they’re dressed in 2nd hand clothes. They are the worst dressed kids in Hollywood.

  16. Mari

    cute girls but honestly they aren’t well dressed
    their clothes are nice but they dont match togather

  17. Anonymous

    The kids are dressed just like their parents. SLOBS. They look like a homeless family. Pathetic.

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