Willow & Jaden Smith Have Bieber Fever

Willow Smith, 12, and her older brother Jaden – the children of famed actor Will Smith and his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith – smiled graciously for fans as they arrived at a Justin Bieber concert at American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida on Saturday (January 26).

The siblings recently collaborated on a song titled Kite, which was met with mixed reactions from their fans.

“Your motion, got me roller coasting, I want all in your ocean […] I give you kisses on your neck and chill after my curfew/ I treat you with respect and girl I never would hurt you,” Jaden raps. “..and I’m gonn find me a actress with long hair, nice skin, does backflips and red lips and she don’t need chopsticks. But I’mma be here with my clan soon as you land, you got flowers in your hand.”

“Lost in space and I see your face on mars no trace but I find you in them stars, I’ll chase you ’til this planet falls/ lil mama got bar, lil mama got bars,” Willow raps before singing. “You stare into my eyes, I know you hear my cries ’cause you look at the sky/ You wanna fly? I got the kite I got the kite for you to fly.”


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Photo credit: INFphoto.com


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  1. Anonymous

    Is Willow on her way to audition for the Matrix?

  2. Anonymous

    What is Jaden wearing? Shorts over leggings? The two weirdest kids in Hollywood.

  3. A. Smyth

    Most irritating celebrity children in existence!!

  4. Sandra

    These two kids of Will and Jada are freaks! They just wear the weirdest of clothes and especially Willow. She is more freakier than her brother with all the crazy clothes and hairstyles! What the hell is with that?

  5. Anonymous

    No parental guidance whatsoever.

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