A.J. McLean Is A Babywearing Papa

Father-daughter bonding!

Proud new parents Rochelle and A.J. McLean shared a series of sweet snapshots via Instagram of their newborn daughter Ava Jaymes.

“Baby Bjorn,” Rochelle captions the above photo of the Backstreet Boys star wearing their 2-month-old daughter while out getting groceries.

In a series of pics, baby Ava looks too cute chillin’ with her dad and sporting adorable little outfits.

“Yup… I am that mom that does nothing but posts pictures of her baby! Sorry for the Ava Jaymes overload… But she’s just so damn cute, I can’t resist!” the proud new mom writes.

We don’t mind at all!

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Photo credit: Instagram


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  1. Queen Fan

    Why is Freddie Mercury carrying this baby??? Get the look? No thanks!

  2. BJ

    Ive never been one for a man in a tank top…or at least such an unflattering one. Good thing he has such a cute accessory. Turns the whole outfit around.

  3. CG

    Why is everyone using BabyBjörn? I don’t get it.
    It looks painful how the little ones’ legs dangle ….such an unnatural posture

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