Amber Rose: Yoga Time

Amber Rose is close to her due date and she’s posting as many photos as she can in the meantime. In the most recent picture taken on Tuesday (January 29) she’s in a yoga class.

The 29-year-old model writes: “Prenatal Yoga – One of the positions that got me here in the first place Lol”

Rose also likes to show her dogs kissing her belly.

On January 28 she said via Instagram: “Franky giving his Lil Bruva kisses”

She also told fans on Sunday: “9 months Pregnant & no stretch marks on my body thank u Jesus!!!”

MTV recently spoke to Rose and Wiz Khalifa who say they have picked a baby name.

The mom-to-be said, “It’s not really that common. It’s a normal name…but it’s not common. I came up with the name for the boy and immediately he came up with a rapper name, a nickname for him,” It’s a total boss name for a boy.”

After their baby is born Wiz plans to get back to work to promote his O.N.I.F.C. album by shooting new music videos. His next single will be Let It Go with Akon.

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  1. Anonymous

    “One of the positions that got me here in the first place Lol”
    She gets trashier every day, huh?

  2. jen

    Prenatal yoga was one of the best ways to reduce stress when I was pregnant. As a mother of two children I have to admit yoga helped me a great deal at that time. It’s a wonderful way to clear the mind and stay fit. Now I feel twice as stronger as I used to be and I try to give all my energy to my children. I could hardly manage to do all the tasks properly had I not done all those prenatal yoga exercises.

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