Orlando Bloom & Flynn: Fun In The Sun

Doesn’t get much cuter than this!

Sexy papa Orlando Bloom made a splash with his 2-year-old son Flynn in Cancun, Mexico on Friday (January 25). The father-son duo enjoyed the sand and surf while playing in the gorgeous clear blue water. At one point, the Pirates of the Caribbean star took off his son’s swim trunks and let him enjoy the beach in freedom.

Earlier in the week we spotted the handsome pair with mama, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, enjoying the beach with some friends. Shattering break-up rumors, they looked every bit the blissful Hollywood couple.

Before hitting the beaches of Cancun, the Kerr-Blooms were seen at the Los Angeles International Airport.

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Photo credit: akm-gsi


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  1. eliz

    GOOD LORD this main pic made my ovaries burst.. They are adorable! I hope those spilt rumors are nothing more than rubbish.

  2. Anonymous

    Eliz – made your ovaries burst? LMAO! Flynn is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. guccilizy

    Such a beautiful family. That baby is a doll!

  4. Elizabeth

    Why did he take his diapers off? What if he goes to the bathroom?

  5. Leslie

    Why Not let him be naked. The USA in pretty much the only country in the world where people make a big deal out of naked kids at the beach. In Europe it is completely normal for kids to be naked at the beach up to about the age of 4. Let them be free and enjoy it while they can !!

  6. Anna

    I love the pics of Orlando and Flynn. Orlando looks gorgeous and Flynn is the cutest kid. He definitely is a mini orlando. Can’t stand the Delphi site because they are making horrible comments on there about Miranda, Orlando, and Flynn. Some are saying that Orlando is not his father which is a cruel and sick thing to say. Others are saying he is not a good father and does not love his son and is faking it for the cameras. You can clearly see orlando is a terrific father and that he loves Flynn. I think these people on Delphi are angry people and can’t stand it that orlando and Miranda are happily married and have a beautiful son. They are a beautiful couple and Flynn is sweet.

  7. sami

    lol I second what Eliz said. That is by far the most beautiful father son pic ever!

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