Beyoncé: Miscarriage Was The Saddest Thing I’ve Ever Been Through

New mom Beyoncé gets candid about suffering a miscarriage.

In Life Is But a Dream, her new documentary debuting on HBO in February, the singer opens up about her ordeal. “About two years ago, I was pregnant for the first time,” she says. “And I heard the heartbeat, which was the most beautiful music I ever heard in my life.”

The Grammy Award-winning singer and her husband of four years, R&B superstar Jay-Z, were thrilled about the news.

“I picked out names,” Beyoncé recalls. “I envisioned what my child would look like . . . I was feeling very maternal.”

But in the early stages of her pregnancy, something went wrong.

“I flew back to New York to get my check up — and no heartbeat,” she shares. “Literally the week before I went to the doctor, everything was fine, but there was no heartbeat.”

The superstar – who is set to perform at the Super Bowl Half Time show this Sunday, February 3 – used music as her therapy.

“I went into the studio and wrote the saddest song I’ve ever written in my life,” she shares, without naming the track. “And it was actually the first song I wrote for my album. And it was the best form of therapy for me, because it was the saddest thing I’ve ever been through.”

Her second pregnancy, with now 1-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, was such a joy.

“Being pregnant was very much like falling in love,” she says. “You are so open. You are so overjoyed. There’s no words that can express having a baby growing inside of you, so of course you want to scream it out and tell everyone.”

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  • em

    I wish celebrities were more open about miscarriages..because it makes them seem more “human” or more “relatable”. I myself suffered two miscarriages this past year and its nice to be able to relate to others instead of feeling like a failure or incapable. Its a common occurance and its hard to deal with but sometimes it helps to hear you aren’t the only one. I’m sure plenty can relate!

    • Anonymous

      As someone who had a miscarriage at 23 weeks, I cannot even imagine someone wanting me to talk publicly about it, having to see it on the evening news, read it in a headline and have people asking me about it every time they interviewed me.

  • Micaela

    I agree. I had a twin loss in early 2012 which was my first pregnancy and I felt like my heart had been ripped out. It was the saddest I had ever been in my life.

  • Shannon

    I’m not really a big Beyonce fan, but bravo to her for talking about a subject that most people like to sweep under the rug. I know first hand that it does help for women who have gone through this to talk about it and find support in other women. I am so glad she had a healthy second pregnancy, and is now a mother to that beautiful little girl.

  • Anonymous

    Micaela – wow that must have been traumatic for you. How sad 🙁

  • reality

    yes, it must be terrible to lose a 5 cm nothing. My heart goes out to people who have actually lost a living baby.

  • reality

    truth hurt, did it?

  • DI

    Miscarriages are always very sad and I feel with Beyoncé.
    I wonder, isn’t flying dangerous for the unborn especially in the early stages of pregnancy?

  • sick of sheltered people

    maybe if you hadn’t left it sooooo late to have kids (because you want a carrer AND a baby, sorry accessory), you wouldn’t have had a miscarriage. Look at the statistics, sorry facts.

  • Lizzig

    My heart goes out to all the women who have suffered a miscarriage. I was lucky enough to have my son born healthy without knowing I was pregnant till I was 6 months (big girl here) and thank who ever or what ever is out there for the miracle. I hope that all women that have suffered this tragedy have a great pregnancy the next time they try.

    • sick of sheltered people

      It’s not a ‘tragedy’, look the term up in the dictionary.

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