Giveaway: BabbaBox 1-Year Membership (Value: $240)

BabbaBox delivers fun, engaging activities for kids 3-6 right to your door. Inspire creativity and wonder in the new year with a gift that children absolutely love!

Every month per subscription, BabbaBox delivers more than a “one-shot” project: each one contains an engaging, educational and constructive opportunity with: 2-3 creative, useful, reusable and gift-able projects based on a topic (such as gratitude), as well as a gift just for mom, an engaging activity to explore the topic, a relevant book, and a curated selection of pre-paid, interactive downloads. One week prior to delivery, parents receive a video email on what to expect. BabbaCo also ensures BabbaBoxes are fun while maintaining real educational and developmental benefits – each BabbaBox is developed by creator Jessica Kim and a panel of PhD’s, PT’s, pre-school educators, nannies, parents, and topic experts.

BabbaCo has modernized the subscription service model for kids – it’s the only subscription-based service to deliver monthly, hands-on enriching activities for kids to create, explore, story-tell, and connect, with delivery options ranging from three months to an entire year.

We are giving away a 1-year membership to BabbaBox (value: $240).

Also exclusive to our readers is 33% discount first month of either a monthly or annual subscription. All you have to do is enter coupon code CBS33 (click here for details).

One Easy Way to Enter:

Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published). Please state your favorite feature the BabbaBox in the comments below. One winner will be chosen at random at the end of the contest. One entry per person, per day.

This contest ends Friday, February 1st at 7:00 pm EST. This contest is open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!
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Congratulations to the winner of our Mountain Buggy giveaway: Maria!

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  • Arlene S.

    Wow! First congrats to my friend Maria, on the stroller! Yay!!!

    The BabbaBox is pretty awesome! My daughter is big into arts and crafts and buying the stuff separately can be time consuming! I loved the Polar box that they featured with the penguin! Super cute!

  • Brittany

    This would be awesome!. I loved the detectives box, we received it as a gift from my mother. What a funfilled weeked that was. We finger printed soda cans, mirrors, everything.

  • Julie

    I love this babbabox idea! I was just reading about this idea on another blog I follow. My 4 year old is very into arts and crafts and I love that everything needed is included in these boxes! What a fun idea for rainy/snowy/cold days!

  • Karley Carpenter

    I love anything that encourages children to be creative. Creativity is something that is lacking in the new generation of children.

  • Allyssa

    I love the interactive download aspect of the BabbaBox. My 5yr old son is always wanting to play video games online, and I’d love something educational for him.

  • Amber P.

    I love that everything is delivered to your door rather than having to run around and shop for supplies!

  • Amy

    looks like the perfect gift for my 5 year old daughter to keep busy

  • Ashleigh

    This is great for entertaining older siblings while mom can nurse baby. Such a great idea. This is perfect for our family.

  • Alexandra Pitcher

    I love this; gives kids something to look forward to every month making educational and creative projects so much fun!

  • Jennyroo

    I love the various ways to explore a single theme in each box. Cool!

  • arely colin

    i would love to win

  • Kate M

    I love the idea of receiving a box of crafts to do each month. It takes a lot of the guesswork and planning out it and everything you need is in the box! So easy and convenient!

  • Brittany

    I love that the Bubba box allows children to learn to be creative! This would be so much fun to do with my child!

  • Catherine

    What a neat idea! Love it!

  • Rochel S

    Love that its fun but educational too! Also, love how we get to look forward to a new one every month!

  • Katherine C.

    I love the idea of the BabbaBox! I pinned a link to it a few months ago, but it’s just not in the budget. I love how the BabbaBox encourages creativity and learning for the child AND parents. My daughter loves crafts, so when I can throw learning in with crafting – double the fun!

  • Kellie Kluger

    I love that it’s educational for kids, it will give them something to look forward to each month.

  • Payal

    I love that the crafts are easy to do for both child and parent and seem to require the appropriate amount of time and concentration in line with my child’s developmental stage. My kids love, love books so the fact that there seems to be a book each month is a nice touch.

  • Alyssa J.

    I love this! How wonderful to have it all ready to go that you can enjoy with your child without having to do research and shopping. Convenience is where it is at! Thank you for the contest.

  • Danielle Duarte

    I love anything that is educational and fun at the same time for my children! I know all of us, myself included would look forward to receiving our box every month!

  • Sarah

    I love the fact that every month my son will have a special surprise in the mail! I also love bonding with my kids over crafts, lots of fun and laughs!

  • Veronica

    wow! what a wonderful giveaway! I love them ! They offer educational and entertaining activities for kids which will keep my kids busy for hours for sure/

  • sarah

    What a great way for kids to be creative, and the suprise of what’s coming next month!

  • Natalie S

    Awesome! I love that each monthly project is engaging and educational. My son would love this!

  • JessicaE

    I love the projects that the kids can do. Thanks so much for this giveaway!!

  • Angela Barnes

    I love the educational material in the box.

  • brooke t

    I love anything that encourages children to be creative.

  • arely colin

    love that the Bubba box

  • sandra

    i like that they also have online activities

  • Laura Blount

    I love this babbabox idea! My toddler is very much into crafts (aren’t they all). This would be great for us!

  • stephanie

    I love that it comes right to your door and you don’t have to worry about buying anything a the store! Creativity in a box! AWESOME!!!

  • Cole

    I love the different themes each month! So great for kids to get excited about!

  • Margo B

    I love how creative and engaging their boxes are- and it’s more that just one project!!! awesome!

  • frugaluser

    I like that the kids would be excited for the box and would provide us with activities and projects.

  • Jorie Sus

    I love this idea! My 6 year old is always telling me he’s “bored” I am constantly trying to come up with creative ways to entertain him while also watching my 16 month old twins. The fact that everything is included and I don’t have to go searching for anything is a HUGE plus. Love it!

  • mirabelle004

    love the different themes every month.

  • Melisa

    I love that each box contains an interactive learning download! This is the only box out there that contains digital content that is age appropriate for kids (that I have found). I can wait to get my son his first subscription.

  • Arlene S.

    I struggle to find arts and crafts to do with my daughter when she asks. I always forget to buy something that we need, like glue. Getting these monthly would be a huge hit!!!

  • Shannon

    Awesome company! Would make the perfect gift!

  • Kellie

    I love that my children can learn while having fun and being creative with this!

  • Alisha

    I love that the BabbaBox takes the guesswork out of finding engaging, educational experiences for children.

  • lace

    I love that it comes in the mail once a month. I loved getting mail as a kid and my nieces love it as well. I’d love to send them this.

  • Isaac

    I love it when fun and education are combined. what a great thing for my daughters creativity skills.

  • Elizabeth P.

    I love that everything is included for the crafts.

  • brooke t

    ands-on enriching activities for kids to create,

  • sandra

    i like that it offers 2-3 crafts

  • Melisa C

    New to being a stay at home mom. #lovingit but some days I need the extra help. I love that everything is all in one box!

  • arely colin

    my kids would love this

  • Arlene S.

    My daughter is big on arts and crafts so this would be so awesome for her!

  • frugaluser

    I would love the new theme every month and my kids would love the mail!

  • Elizabeth P.

    I love that everything is included for the crafts!

  • JessicaE

    I love the projects that the kids can do. Thanks so much for this giveaway CBS!!

  • Natalie S

    Love the video email parents receive with a sneak peak of what’s coming! how fun!

  • JessicaE

    I love the projects that the kids can do. Thanks for this Giveaway!!

  • brooke t

    delivers monthly

  • sandra

    i like that the package includes interactive downloads

  • frugaluser

    my son would love to get messy with the crafts!

  • Melisa C

    So many great things to say about the BabbaBox. I’ve done a lot of searching for the right subscription and the monthly digital content sold me! I have to say I also love that he would get a new book each month as well.

  • Arlene S.

    Great idea for parents who always forget to buy a specific thing for arts and crafts! I have forgotten glue several times! Lily would love this!

  • arely colin

    love that everything is delivered to your door

  • Catherine

    My favorite feature is the fact that you can bond and spend special time with your child and look forward to that special time regularly, making it a really nice habit that creates lasting memories.

  • Aura

    This would be great entertainment for my friends son who’s going through chemo and can’t leave the house. It will give him projects to do with him mother to entertain himself and learn

  • virginia

    I love the different themes and that it comes every month, my son loves checking the mail so he would be thrilled to get this.

  • fostermommyoffive

    As a very busy foster mom having something that comes in the mail monthly is a terrific idea…. They kids love to do arts and craft and would be so excited to get this every month….. One thing I loved from the pictures is the box is clearly FULL of items to keep all of the kiddos busy for days….

  • Aryka Griffin

    My favorite feature of the box are the different themes and all the great activities that have nothing to do with the tv, or handheld games! I have two kids 9 and 2 years and they love arts and craft activities!

  • Natalie S

    Inspires creativity! Nice!

  • Nadine

    I would love this…. I love to make crafts with my family. Do scrap books and get old family photos and put them in there. I hope I win…….

    Thank you,

  • Helen

    My daughter is really into Arts and Crafts and when I saw this post I thought she would love this. It’s the first time I heard of this company and I would love to give it a try.

  • Nica

    LOve these activities for kids! It would be so fun to do them with my kids!

  • JessicaE

    I love the projects that the kids can do. Thanks for this Giveaway CBS!!

  • brooke t

    delivery !!!

  • Kerri

    Looks fun for kids and parents.

  • Karla

    This looks amazing! My boys and I love doing crafts and projects together.

  • sandra

    i like that each box contains 2-3 projects

  • Arlene S.

    So awesome, this would make my daughter happy! She is very crafty and I am not so having it already set up for us to do is great!

  • Tammy Root

    I think this is a GENIUS idea!!! My baby is not yet 3 years old but I have several friends with 3 years olds and I would love to give one of them this gift. 🙂

  • arely colin

    love the different themes each month

  • Melisa C

    Everything about this box is amazing. I absolutely love the digital content and the monthly book. Most of all I love that all the work is done and I can just enjoy time with my son. Can’t wait to get his first box!

  • Brandee McGrath

    I love boxed crafts what a great way to entertain the little ones.

  • Lyla

    Soo cute! I love that my daughter would get a package in the mail each month and I love that I wouldn’t have to run out for supplies as everything is included.


    My favorite feature is that it contains 2 to 3 projects kids do with their hands. ALL the physical materials included!

  • frugaluser

    I love that either or both my kids can do the crafts boy and girl

  • Lee

    The Babbabox is assembled with input from PHDs, educators and other child care experts. They have cornered the market on what would truly be educational and developmentally appropriate for kids. Such a great idea!

  • Kristina S

    I love that the box comes ready to go!

  • Casey

    I love that Babbabox is an all inclusive themed thing that teaches kids manners and respect. Awesome idea.

  • arely colin

    awesome , i would love to win

  • Gabreial W.

    Great giveaway, thanks so much!

  • arely colin

    love the projects that the kids can do

  • domestic diva

    I love that they have crafty projects for kids. Looks like fun!

  • Kristi Wilson

    I love that this would engage baby girl and get her thinking!

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