Kristin Cavallari: Breastfeeding Is Hard!

Kristin Cavallari admits she’s happy to be weaning her almost 6-month-old son Camden, saying that breastfeeding has been the hardest part of new motherhood.

“It’s hard,” the reality star, who is engaged to NFL player Jay Cutler, tells “It was the hardest part of the whole thing and no one tells you that. I was a slave to pumping. Now we are giving him a goat milk concoction that Jay found.”

It may not have been easy, but Kristin does give partial credit to breastfeeding for helping her shed her pregnancy weight, saying, “I gained 25 lbs when I got pregnant but I’m a healthy eater. I worked out during my pregnancy and I was breastfeeding, until a few weeks ago.”

Next up for the 26-year-old star? Wedding planning! And a baby brother or sister for little Camden, too.

“We want a big family so I think sooner than later we will have another one,” she says. “But it’s a little too soon, I just got my body back. I want to enjoy it!”

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  • cheryl

    Well at least she breast fed long enough to get the weight off. That’s the main thing. The optimal nutritional benefits for her child are merely incidental.

    • Anonymous

      Where did she ever say that?

  • Someone

    I truly hope this comment was a joke ;P

    • christine

      I think it was sarcastic. Sarcasm just doesn’t come across very well on anonymous forums on the internet.

      I hate the whole breastfeed-because-you’ll-lose-weight philosophy and debate, by the way. I think women should choose to breastfeed (or to not breastfeed) based on factors a little less superficial than their own appearance.

      Just my own little rant for the day. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Engaged for 2 years? Why bother? I love these stars who are engaged forever and nothing ever happens after that.

  • alicia

    I feel for moms who cannot breastfeed/continue to breastfeed for physical reasons or due to extremely short mat. leaves. This woman does not appear to fit into either of these categories and her “poor me” attitude about pumping deserves no sympathy. Instead, she comes across as selfish, putting convenience ahead of what’s best for her child.

    • mama bear

      Kirstin deserves your sympathy too, but for different reasons!

    • lila

      At least she breast fed in the first place, instead of going to the bottle straight away! 6 months really isn’t that bad either, not everyone wants to breastfeed their kid until its 2. I stopped breastfeeding my 2 year old son at 6 months because I wasn’t producing enough milk for him and weighed 46kg…it isn’t always about convenience.

  • Jennifer

    I’m a little more concerned about the “goat milk concoction she’s giving her baby… What the heck is that?

  • Janet

    It’s just a formula made with goats milk instead of cow’s. Goats milk is just as nutritious as cows milk but way easier to digest for little tummies. i gave both my kids goats milk before introducing cows. It’s not that strange.

  • Anne

    You know what’s really hard? Having the morals to wait until marriage before getting pregnant. It is also hard to walk the baby in sky high heels every day.

    • Anonymous

      Those are *your* morals, not theirs. They are allowed to chart their own path.

      And clearly it’s not that hard to walk the baby in sky high heels. No one is asking YOU to do that either.

  • Elle

    It is really hard to breast feed while eating one celery stick per day.

  • Zelda

    I started losing weight only after I stopped breastfeeding when my baby was 1 year old. Same thing happened to 90% of my friends. First you can’t lose weight when your hormones are still not your usual ones and second you do need to eat properly while breastfeeding. The only thing I agee with is that breastfeeding makes your uterus contract and that may get your belly to bounce back in a little…
    Anyone know who started the stupid celebrity trend of telling everyone breastfeeding means losing weight?

    • Samantha

      It does help with weight loss but it’s not the whole reason she lost it,. BF does burn around 500 calories a day because your body works hard to produce milk and then all the nurtrients and everything in the breastmilk goes to your baby vs staying in your system.and keeping weight there. However, not all women are the same with weight loss so it varies. All bodies are different. Plus Ms. Cavallari was a stick to begin with so I doubt she gained a lot and probably worked out soon after birth

      • Zelda

        I was thin my whole life, ate a lot too, pregnancy left me with 10 kg plus and I stayed like this for a whole year until my baby weaned completely. After that I lost the weight in one month or so, without going on a diet, just like that. I’m sure it was hormones in my case.

  • Samantha

    At least she breastfed, and doesn’t have a nanny like most “celebs” do. Majority of these stars ( I use that term loosely) go to the bottle and have no interest in bfing.

  • Carrie

    Elle’s comment had me spitting coffee on my keyboard! I love it!

  • Amy

    This is such a pet peeve of mine – if breast feeding is hard for you, say it like that. “Breast feeding was hard – FOR ME”. I breast fed both my children and it was easy. Everyone has different experiences, don’t scare everyone by saying breast feeding is difficult.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t the “FOR ME” implied???? I mean, if I say that math is hard… OBVIOUSLY I mean that math is hard – FOR ME.

      I think you’re nitpicking.

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