Ashlee Simpson: Bronx Is Excited About Jessica’s Pregnancy

Ashlee Simpson enjoyed a girls’ night out this week, but still couldn’t help but gush about her 4-year-old son Bronx.

“He is definitely the sweetest kid. He is brilliant,” Ashlee, 28, told US Weekly as she hit Svedka Vodka’s Valentine’s Day Throwback Thursday Bash with her friends. “He’s got his own ideas, his own way of thinking. He is a jokester…. He’s always very creative and he is pulling pranks on us all the time.”

Already a protective cousin to expectant mom Jessica Simpson‘s baby girl Maxwell, Bronx’s mama revealed that he’s “excited for the new one,” too.

Speaking of Jessica, Ashlee had high praise for her, as well, telling PEOPLE that she’s “a great mom – and a great pregnant lady.”

“She’s got all our support, naturally, but she’s a strong woman,” said Ashlee. “[She’s a] woman to look up to and a big sister I’m proud of.”

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  1. Shay

    I hate that kid’s hair. What is with these celeb moms who refuse to cut their son’s hair? They’re little boys. Let them look like and be little boys while they can. They’ve got plenty of time to be wannabe rock stars when they’re older. That mess cannot be anything but hot and uncomfortable. It’s just a mess.

    And before someone says that she “has a right to keep her child’s hair any length she wants” let me just say that I know she has a “right” to do that but just because you have a right to do something doesn’t mean that you are right in doing it. And my comment isn’t about her rights. It’s just about my personal opinion. I suspect that the hair is just the first in a long line of things Ashlee will do to make sure her child doesn’t grow up normal. I just hate to see it. I wish more celebs would just let their kids be kids.

  2. Sandra

    Okay, this child needs his hair cut so bad! He has been looking like a little girl for the past couple of years. Why do some of these celebs with little boys keep their hair long and don’t even attempt to cut it? Do they not know that people are calling them little girls and if they only knew how cute they would look by getting it cut and finally looking like a little guy. It looks so unkempt and messy! Cut it!

  3. Anonymous

    I agree. His hair is disgusting. If she thinks he looks cute that way, she’s sadly mistaken. He looks like a girl and his cousin Maxwell looks like a boy. SMH.

  4. em

    I think it looks like it hasn’t been cut since he’s been born. And some people are OK with that…I know a boy who didn’t get his first haircut until he was 10, and it was awful. His Mom just never wanted or cared to cut it!

    I just feel bad in a sense that it looks super uncomfortable. You know, when you have a lot of hair it’s heavy, and when you sleep and it bunches up, it hurts your scalp. So I feel bad for the little guy…other than that to each their own I suppose. As long as they wash it…

  5. Sarah

    I think it would make sense to cut his hair. Not because he “looks like a girl”, but because he looks unkempt and, as a previous poster mentioned, all that hair is probably very uncomfortable for a child.

  6. Tara

    Hey Ashlee, why don’t you run across the street there and find the nearest barber shop to get that kids hair cut please?????? He looks like a girl!

  7. cb

    I personally dont think Ashlee is much of a mom anyway. You rarely see pics of her w/the child. He is seen regularly w/his dad and girlfriend.
    I think he just looks unkempt with all that unruly hair. he could be cute little boy, but not like this !

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