Jessica Simpson Tweets Her Darling “Dollface”

How cute is she?

Jessica Simpson took to Twitter today to share this sweet picture of her daughter Maxwell Drew playing in the kitchen sink, writing, “My lil dollface is 9 months today!”

It sounds like Maxwell has plenty of admirers; her godmother CaCee Cobb re-Tweeted the photo, adding, “I adore this little girl so much!”

CaCee Tweeted some very big news of her own just yesterday: She and her new husband Donald Faison are expecting their first baby!

“BF+BF= future BFF’S!!” wrote Jessica, who is also expecting again, in response to the happy announcement.

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Photo credit: Twitter


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  1. Ano

    Beautiful. She looks a lot older than 9 month.

  2. Anonymous

    She looks like a Maxwell – like a boy.

  3. Jessica

    Holy moly she looks way older than 9 months!!!! When I was looking at the pic before reading I thought she was 12 or 13 months!! Crazy!
    She’s a cutie pie too!

  4. Mary

    She gets prettier with every picture. Wow, such a gorgeous little girl.

  5. Caroline

    Worst. Freakin. Name. Ever. and it’s a shame because she is a pretty little girl. Bet you regret that one Jess, ya big dum dum

  6. Anonymous10

    Am I the only one to find it gross that she is standing into a sink with shoes??

  7. Jessica V

    Such a doll face, stunning!

  8. SMH

    Her father is a big guy and Maxwell was a big baby at birth so no surprise that she is a big girl! I will admit sometimes she looks really cute and other times not so much. But I think she is def getting cuter. I never cared for her name but it’s slowly growing on me just like Apple did.

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