Meagan Camper & Bronx: Pooch Patrol

Meagan Camper – the girlfriend of rocker Pete Wentz – was snapped taking the family pooch Bow Wow to the Bangalow Doggie Day Care in Brentwood., Calif. on Thursday (January 31).

It looks like Pete’s 4-year-old son Bronx accompanied Meagan for the outing.

We last saw Bronx and his super smiley dad as the pair left a local Farmer’s Market carrying some popcorn, an Elmo balloon and a bouquet of flowers.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s me but I wouldn’t be happy if my son was out my with ex-husbands girlfriend. I understand custody issues but this girl is nothing to this kid and therefore shouldn’t be out alone with him. Again, maybe it’s just me, just my opinion.

    • amy

      Meagan and Pete have been in a relationship for well over a year and she is around Bronx on a regular basis. She’s not playing mommy, she’s just another adult in his life who loves him very much. It’s not about Ashlee and Pete, or anyone being jealous. It is about what is best for Bronx.

      • laura

        Exactly, I totally agree with Amy.
        It’s not like Ashley and Pete have just broke up and Pete’s leaving him with a stranger, they’ve been in a relationship for what, a year and a half? And she’s always seen around with Pete and Bronx, so the child is used to her.
        I think it’s just best for all of them if they can have a friendly and cooperative relationship. Ashlee can’t forbid Pete to date, and he seems to be in a really serious and family-like relationship.
        Honestly I think it’s bigger trouble for the kid to be constantly moved from NY (where Ashlee mostly lives) and LA (where Pete lives).

  • Anonymous

    All I’m saying is if I shared custody with my ex I wouldnt want my child out with his girlfriend when it was his time to spend with him. You would? Again, just my opinion.

    • laura

      Then you wouldn’t do your child’s best.. Who tells you that Pete’s not spending time with him? They are always out playing.. It’s normal that he has also a job or things to do to which he can’t bring Bronx, and if he’s in a serious relationship with this girl it’s also good that his son gets to get to know her..

    • Isabel

      As long as she was good to my child, it wouldn’t bother me at all. Besides, even parents who have full custody of their children don’t spend every waking minute with them. It’s not as if Pete’s neglecting him.

    • Anonymous

      What do you expect him to do with his child if he has to work? Or go to the dentist? Or is sick?

      You are exactly the type of person who would cause chaos in a shared parenting situation, so I hope that never happens to your children, because you’re adding drama where there doesn’t need to be any.

  • Anonymous

    Who dressed him? This kid is one of the most disheveled kids on this site. Between his hair and his clothes.

  • coco

    I’d like to add something: I think it’s only good that, when Pete can’t stay with him, instead of leaving Bronx with a babysitter, there’s his girlfriend who takes care of him!
    It means that she cares about him and can handle a child, and also that his parents are family oriented, they prefer to make Bronx grow up in a large family, instead of with his mum and babysitters..

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