Stella McCartney Has No Desire To Have More Children

Stella McCartney is not planning on expanding her family. The designer – who raises Miller, 7, Bailey, 6, Beckett, 5, and Reiley, 2, with husband Alasdhair Willis – was asked by British Elle if she was going to have any more children.

She replied, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

Stella added that her business is her second family.

”My family always comes first. But this (House of Stella) is my second family. When I’m with my husband and kids, one of my ears is listening out for my work family. And it’s the other way around when I’m here.”

When her collections do get good reviews the 41-year-old says it’s satisfying.

Stella shared, ”We all love it when a show is well received. We love it when we see somebody wearing it. We feel the reward of the work and I think that drives you, helps you do it and get your sleeves rolled up because you see that there’s a validity to what you’re doing and people are responding to it in the way you want. That’s very satisfying.”

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  • Elizabeth

    I can’t tell if her kids are boys or girls. Also, I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but nepotism of the highest order due to her being a “successful” designer. Have you seen her collections over the years? Hideous and unflattering. I can quote a thousand pics for evidence.

    • Marilyn

      She has 2 boys and 2 girls. Miller & Beckett are the boys and Bailey & Riley are the girls.

  • Zar55

    Yeah she is sooooo bad designer soooo EVERYONE is wearing her designs 😛 it’s logical hahah -.-

    • Rose

      Did you miss the high-waisted clothing trend of the early 00s? It made everyone who wore it – even the really thin people – look pregnant. And yet women continued to buy and wear those awful clothes. A lot of people have bad taste and will wear awful clothes that aren’t flattering – especially if it has the label of a famous designer on it.

  • courtney

    she doesn’t want to push it at her age pregnancy is a high risk proposition her last child was born when she was 38

  • eliz

    I think she’s a fabulous designer- AND she’s cruelty free aka NO fur/leather etc.. pretty sure she’s one of the few who practice that admirable method.

  • HA

    She has 4 kids and is 41 so it’s not really a huge surprise!

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