Christie Lynn Smith’s Blog: Postpartum Weight Loss

Actress Christie Lynn Smith is inviting Celebrity Baby Scoop readers to follow along as she adjusts to her growing family. The General Hospital star and husband, actor John Fortson, recently welcomed their second child, son Joshua, on December 22.

In her third guest blog, the Paging Dr. Freed actress – also mom to 4-year-old daughter Abby – opens up about the “huge production” of getting a newborn out of the house. She goes on to talk about the unrealistic pressure on new moms to quickly lose the baby weight. “I refuse to go on some crazy diet just to lose a few pounds faster,” she says. Continue reading Christie’s thoughtful blog…

“Joshua is now 1-month-old and one thing I forgot is how much preparation everything takes to get a newborn baby ready.

Itʼs a huge production to do anything – take him on a car ride to go to the first doctor visit, his very first bath, a stroller ride around the neighborhood, even packing the diaper bag was a process. I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed “just in case.”

I packed 8 cloth diapers, a couple changes of clothes, my nursing cover, blankets, wipes, more wipes and a wet bag for the dirty cloth diapers. In the end, my diaper bag weighed like 20 pounds!

So, the other day I ended up packing two bags – one for the stroller and one for the car just in case I ran out of stuff. Iʼm trying to be super prepared. Iʼm really loving the Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags! They are super cute and have tons of pockets and places for everything I need.

We havenʼt taken him out too much – I guess I am a tad paranoid about all the flu germs out there right now. But we did take him out to a quick lunch when my mom was visiting, and I have to say it felt good to get out. I think I washed my hair the night before too – that was a huge deal! And I actually put something on other than sweatpants. But confession: yes, I was still wearing my maternity jeans. They really are kinda cozy with that soft band around your waist.

Itʼs funny that nobody really tells you that you will still look 6 months pregnant when you leave the hospital. My tummy area is looking smaller now. Iʼve been walking a lot and swimming.

But it takes 10 months to make a baby, so itʼs crazy when we “mommies” are expected to look the way we did right after we give birth. Itʼs not possible!

Well, I do have one close friend who when she left the hospital she could fit in her pre-pregnancy jeans, but she even says sheʼs a “freak of nature.” Gotta love her!

Especially with breastfeeding Joshua, Iʼm not and refuse to go on some crazy diet just to lose a few pounds faster. I want to embrace where Iʼm at now, in this moment and the extra few pounds will come off when it comes off! Ah, I feel better.

I do have another confession though: after lunch there was a cute shop next door and I did buy a pair of “normal jeans” in a bigger size than I was before I got pregnant. And I have to say, they made me feel a tad more humanlike. Itʼs liberating to actually have a zipper and a button at the top! Itʼs the LITTLE THINGS that make us new mommies very happy. But Iʼm not saying I wonʼt wear my maternity jeans again… I actually have them on now!”

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