Madonna & Her Kabbalah Crew

Iconic singer Madonna and her four children Lourdes, 16, Rocco, 11, David, 7, and Mercy, 6, were photographed as they made their way to a Kabbalah center in New York City on Saturday (February 2).

Maddona’s boyfriend Brahim Zaibat joined the famous family of five.

After an eye-opening trip to Far Rockaway, Queens in November – just days after the East Coast’s hurricane Sandy – it seems Lourdes was left stunned after viewing the storm’s aftermath, likening the devastation she witnessed to “the apocalypse.”

During her trip, the famous mother and daughter duo met with relief workers and helped box up supplies for locals.

Lourdes reveals she found the devastation “awful” to comprehend and has urged her followers to do all they can to assist U.S. residents re-building their lives after the storm.

“It’s extremely important that we Still do what we can because people still need help,” she writes on her blog. “This can be donating to hurricane relief or going down to the affected locations and helping out.”

“My family and I went down to Rockaway a while back and the devastation was awful. It looked like the apocalypse and trash, rubble and tree branches were everywhere. We boxed provisions and gave them out to folks that needed them.”

“It was actually really awesome to see how many people were there helping out and how many people cared,” she continue. “There has been an extreme amount of progress since the hurricane despite the damage done and it is very inspiring to see the city rebuild itself but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done.”

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  • Fiona

    Just for reference Rocco is 12 born August 11th 2000, Mercy is 7 born January 2006! You have the other two correct as Lola was born 14th October 1996 and David Birn Sept 21st 2005.

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