Melissa McCarthy: My Daughters Don’t Know I’m Famous

It seems Mike & Molly actress Melissa McCarthy‘s daughters Vivian, 5, and Georgette, almost 3, may not be aware of their famous mother’s occupation – yet.

“I don’t know that my kids for sure know what I do,” the 42-year-old star says. “There are one of these [Identity Theft] posters on the way to school and they kind of go, ‘Hi, mama.'”

“I have little tiny kids so they’ve seen Mike & Molly, but they haven’t seen Bridesmaids and they won’t see this for a while either,” she adds of the 2011 hit comedy in which her husband Ben Falcone plays her love interest.

Melissa will be hitting the big screen on February 8th when her flick Identity Theft – co-starring Jason Bateman – opens in theaters.

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  1. DoesntMatter

    She is sooo funny! And beautiful just the way she is… ^^

  2. Anie

    I wonder why she doesn´t get as much heat from the media as Jessica Simpson for her weight.

  3. kelly

    She DOES need to lose weight only because she is not healthy, she has children and she is a GREAT comedic actress that I want to be around for a long time! Please take care of yourself!

  4. dee willis

    She is fabulous and hope she is healthy at this weight. There are skinny people who have high cholest. and high blood pressure and heavy people who are healthy. I’m a curvy gal and love her confidence. If she is healthy and happy then so be it. Great actress !!!

  5. popsykl

    i love her…she may be my celebrity lesbian crush

  6. Gemi

    OH. MY. GOD.

    Lay off this woman and her weight. Is it a healthy weight? Probably not. Now, I want you to give every other celebrity who isn’t 100% healthy the same crap you give her.

    Why don’t the celebrities who smoke get so much crap for living an “unhealthy lifestyle”? It’s vanity, pure vanity.

  7. Me123

    Obviously non of you have watched any of her interviews where this topic has been addressed. Via Melissa herself, she is VERY healthy. Apparently she just gains weight regardless. Did no one every teach any of you that sometimes people are overweight because of things they cannot help? Having Fibromyalgia, MS, Polymyalgia, Thyroid disorders, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, inherited traits, or a million other things can make someone overweight. Simple medications such as steroids can as well. Do you walk down the street and think that a disabled child needs to get out of a wheelchair or off a walker? I’m pretty sure you don’t. They can’t help how they are and neither can certain overweight people. Grow up. Melissa is a hilariously funny woman, she is beautiful and she is obviously happy in her life.

    • Anonymous

      Me123, I agree with almost everything you said except for the vast majority (like 999 out of 1000 people) being overweight *IS* simply caused by overeating or undermoving. It really *IS* that simple.

      With that said, it’s still no one’s business and I think criticizing someone for their weight is as stupid as criticizing them for the color of their eyes or whether they have tattoos or not. Why criticize something which you (the reader) can do nothing about?

  8. Sam

    seriously, where do you people get off? her body is NONE of your concern. a person can be healthy when large, just as they can be unhealthy. a person can be healthy when small, just as they can be unhealthy. unless you guys are her doctor, well versed in her medical history, then you don’t know anything. seriously. go find something better to do with your time.

    melissa rules.

  9. reality

    I don’t care what weight she is vanity wise but I GUARANTEE she is NOT healthy and EATS WAY TOO MUCH. I have been overweight myself and there comes a point where you cannot risk your health – does she want to leave her kids behind?

  10. mom

    Ahhh the skinny days! To all you who think overweight people are that way just because of food, you should really educate yourselves! There really are health issues that can cause a person to be heavy, and no amount of dieting will change that. Those of us who have one of these medical conditions can only exersize, eat healthy and be the best us that we can be. It is not up to anyone to critique us based on what is thought, before you make fun of or make remarks about a persons size, may be step off and take care of your self first and remember, it could be a medical problem, not an eating disorder. When you can only assume, keep your thoughts to yourself.

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