Russell Crowe & Sons: Sydney Soccer Stars

Les Miserables star Russell Crowe was snapped hanging out with his two boys Tennyson, 6, and Charlie, 8, as the trio played in a park in Sydney, Australia on Saturday (February 2).

It seems officials at a venue in Sydney have launched an investigation into allegations that Russell was involved in some drama after the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards on January 30th.

A Sydney actor named Alex Haddad – who has who has appeared on SBS series Pizza and reportedly paid $300 for a ticket to the after-party for the AACTA Awards at Sydney’s Star Casino – has threatened to sue after he was kicked out because he asked Russell for a photo, he claims.

Alex told the Daily Telegraph that he saw Russell at the Marquee nightclub at the casino and asked for a photograph.

“(He) rudely declined (the picture) and started to get abusive… I wasn’t drinking… I wasn’t fighting, and I definitely wasn’t harassing Russell. Security told me Russell had asked for me to be removed.”

A spokesman for The Gladiator actor has denied that the Oscar winner ordered Alex’s removal from the nightclub.

A representative for the casino has confirmed they will be looking at CCTV footage from the club to determine what happened.

“We are investigating the matter,” they say.

Russel has since addressed the allegations in a series of posts on Twitter, criticizing editors of the newspaper for publishing the story.

“You know the old saying…? If you can’t say anything positive, don’t say anything at all… f**k me, that’s a hard ask… In Australia, we don’t have privacy laws… we do however have laws that preclude you from publicly humiliating an individual… Lawyers? Researchers? Comb through 25 years of BS (bulls**t), print anything s**t by the Telegraph 2 (sic) prove they don’t do news but they do humiliation?” he writes.

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  • MimiB

    The management at Star say it was their own security that determined Mr. Haddad would be asked to leave the venue because of his behavior, not Mr. Crowe.

    In fact, Mr. Haddad has a reputation for trying to sell nasty gossip [often untrue, rude and inflammatory] about other people and co-workers to media outlets. He sold this story to the Daily Telegraph, which published his version of the evening, firmly denied by both Mr. Crowe and the Star venue. He’s a publicity seeker and gadfly. The Daily Telegraph did not check the story out before publishing it, which is what upset Mr. Crowe.

  • Critcalofrusty

    Rusty has been backtracking since, removing the tweets and admitting he needs peace. Sorry, but this man is not in a good place and he knows it. He needs to get help with his GIANT ego. Plz stop defending his every move. He was wrong in this case, and he knows it and admitted it with his latest removing of tweets.

  • reality

    I cannot believe people actually think he is (or was) handsome!

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