Brooke Burke-Charvet’s Sleeping Shaya

Brooke Burke-Charvet shared an adorable photo of her 4-year-old son Shaya and their cat via Instagram on Saturday (February 2).

The caption reads: “What a life!”

The next day the Dancing With The Stars co-host and her family stayed in to watch the Super Bowl.

She Tweeted: “Round 2, leftovers 4 dinner. Gotta love #Superbowl munchies. 11 kids down stairs eatin.”

She added, “Shaya says, “this is the best day ever!” – papa is almost better. I’m minding back in to my master 2night”

In an interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop – she shared what she and David do to keep the romance alive.

“We schedule date nights, we make our relationship a priority, and we try to have our alone time when the kids are sleeping. We make sure that we make each other feel loved. In my opinion, the secret to a successful marriage is honesty, attention, commitment, communication, and chemistry.”




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Oh my gosh I love that cat!! He or she is so big and cute. I love big cats. My ginger cat Omar is 24 lbs. Yes he is sort of fat but also just big. I adopted him from the pound last year.


Shaya is definitely a gorgeous boy


Awwww I love this!! So precious!!