Busy Philipps: “My Body Takes To Pregnancy”

When actress Busy Philipps decided to expand her family, the 33-yer-old Cougar Town star knew her character Laurie would benefit from the decision.

“The good news about Laurie is that she loves highlighting her boobs, and when you’re pregnant, your boobs get real big,” Busy jokes to PEOPLE about how she hid her pregnancy while shooting the show’s fourth season, which premiered in January on TBS. “My boobs grow three sizes in the season. My body takes to pregnancy like nobody’s business.”

It looks like the impending arrival of her second child has started to affect that star’s every day life –  something her 4-year-old daughter Birdie has noticed as well.

“[Birdie] looked at me the other day and said, ‘Mama, I think that baby in your tummy is making you crazy.’ Which is hilarious and also so sadly true,” she laughs.

“She really understands what’s going on,” Busy continues. “She’s actually coming with me to an ultrasound appointment because she asked if she could. I think it’ll be really nice for her to be a part of it.”

It seems Birdie has some natural reservations about becoming a big sister.

“I explained to her that it’s okay to feel two ways about it, that she can be really excited and also nervous or scared,” Busy reveals. “She confided she was nervous that maybe the baby was going to like her more than the baby likes me.”

“She’s a sweet, good kid and I almost feel like, ‘Why am I doing it again? I love her so much.’ Good luck to you second kid.”

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