Jack Osbourne: “Having A Child Has Focused Me”

Since welcoming his daughter Pearl last April with then fiancée Lisa Stelly, it seems first time father Jack Osbourne has tamed his wild ways.

“Getting married and having a child definitely has focused me,” the senior correspondent for Fuse News tells PEOPLE. “Now I’m not so much worried about going out on a Tuesday night and staying up until 3 in the morning and meeting hot chicks. No.”

It looks like Pearl’s famous grandparents Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have made adjustments as well.

“Nana and Grandpa are busy, but they’re very involved,” Jack says of his parents. “Every Sunday we have lunch together”

“We’ve always gone to their house, they never come to my house,” he adds. “It’s taken me nine months to really hammer into them that driving all the way across town with a newborn baby is a lot more difficult than them driving all the way across town to visit me and a newborn baby. And they’re starting to actually understand that now!”

Jack and Lisa wed last October, exchanging vows in front of 48 friends and family members in Hawaii.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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Pearl is a doll!

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