Max Greenfield: My Daughter Loves Gangnam Style

Max Greenfield‘s daughter is more of a Gangnam Style gal- much to her father’s dismay.

“I’ll put [my radio] on and be like, ‘Hey, do you want to listen to some rock and roll?’ … but her idea of what that is and my idea of what that is are two different things,” the 32-year-old New Girl actor jokes of his 3-year-old daughter Lily during a Monday appearance on Anderson Live. “She wants to listen to Gangnam Style and apparently [it’s] a big hit among 3-year-olds right now.”

His realization that the hit song had truly permeated every sector of society was at his daughter’s third birthday party on January 27th when Lily’s guests abandoned the beloved ball pit to perform their best dance moves.

“Everybody went nuts, it was pandemonium,” Max recalls. “I was standing in the ball pit — because the kids get lost in there and you got to pull them out — and then Gangnam Style comes on and they go, ‘Get me out of this ball pit – I gotta dance!’”

Although Lily’s love for PSY‘s techno tune is strong — she was gifted a shiny pink Gangnam suit courtesy of Anderson and his co-host Jill Martin — it’s not the only thing that has captured her heart.

“She’s got a couple [of boyfriends],” Max says. “Holt’s her main squeeze — that’s her weekend boyfriend — and then Zach is at school during the week.”

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