Reality Shows on Teen Pregnancy: Educational or Glorifying?


Celebrity Baby Scoop’s spinoff site, HerScoop, asks the question: are reality shows on teen pregnancy really empowering our youth?

HerScoopWhile Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Messer welcomed her third child earlier this week at the age of 20, one wonders if the show is, in fact, educating our youth.

And it’s not just Leah!  HerScoop takes a look at troubled young moms Amber Portwood, Jenelle Evans and Jamie McKay and their rise to fame as reality TV stars. Is this sending the right message to our youth?

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  • Jessica

    Obviously it’s not educating when the girls of their own series of 16 and Pregnant and Teen mom have been getting knocked up left and right again. The show needs to end.

  • Denise

    Thank god they cancelled this program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jessica

      @Denise they did not. They are taking Teen Mom 2 off and putting Teen Mom 3 with different girls on. And another 16 and pregnant

      • Denise

        A disgusting program!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica

    Oh and one of the main reasons I think they are failing too is that the show doesn’t show the girls struggling as teen moms. All it shows is their boyfriend drama and how they spend all the money on the show. If they actually showed how hard it is to raise a child and actually show a struggling teen with barely any money it’d be better and more real.

  • Bonita

    I think it is disgusting to glorify these teen pregnancies. I’ve heard they get 1000’s of people ‘applying’ within 4-6 weeks of becoming pregnant, not to mention the stupid ones that have already been featured and are on their 2nd or 3rd teen pregnancy.

    Television and media are grossly used to promote the worst behaviour in humans.

  • Pippa

    Absolutely 100% Glorifying.

  • alliewoop

    I don’t think this show is glorifying at all. These girls have TERRIBLE lives. Janelle is in and out of jail, burning bridges with friends left and right, barely has a relationship with her son. It took Chelsea almost four years to get her GED; HER GED. GED’s aren’t rocket science but this girl could not do it. Leah has been married twice and is mother to three children at 19 years old. How is that in any way glorifying? That sounds like a death sentence to me. The only one I can see in a fairly good light is Caitlyn. She’s in school (and hasn’t dropped out) and occasionally she and Joe get along, but that poor girl has still struggled. Crazy mom, having to live with her ex boyfriend’s family; it hasn’t exactly been easy for her.

    • Louise

      I think you see things totally right!

  • May

    It depends. For young girls with a real sense of responsibility and down-to-earthiness, it’s educational. It’s helping them see how hard it is for those moms (even for those who don’t really take the responsibility, such as Amber), and what it’s really like. How they struggle to keep their friends, have a good relationship with their parents, and even finding love. For girls who only care about fame, money and looks, it’s rather glorifying. Those girls will see pregnancy as a way to achieve a star status. Teen Mom can be educational and harmful, just depends on who’s watching.

  • reality

    let’s call these girls what they are – sluts.

  • Honesty

    Honestly watching theses shows made me want to wait to have children! I started watching this show in early 20’s. Im now mid 20’s and only after buying a house, having a stable job, a loving partner who provides more than enough, have i decided it’s now time for us to start a family! I didn’t want to go through what these girls have, you see relationships fall apart because they are too young to handle a commitment to each other as well as adding a child into the mix. I think these shows help alot of girls get the idea out of their heads its ‘fun’ to have a baby young. It shows that most of the time the relationship with the dad doesn’t work. Sometimes you need to watch the shows before judging them. Yes i understand it it may encourage a few girls to purposely get pregnant young but i also think it helps wake a lot of girls up and make them look at their situations and consider waiting to start a family.

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