Why Aren’t Stay-At-Home Moms More Respected?

By Lauren Metz

No, Vanessa Bryant wasn’t “shootin’ in the gym” with Kobe. She was busy raising their two children.

We wouldn’t normally list Kobe Bryant in the “ideal husband” category, but the NBA superstar pulled out his good guy card when he recently defended his wife against a social media slam.

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  1. Anonymous

    The reality is that once your kids are in school, stay at home moms *DO* have it easier than working moms. Working moms have to do everything you have to do *AND* work for (usually) 8 hours a day.

    I’m sure they both have their benefits, but you don’t know juggling until you’ve tried to have a full-time job *and* raise a few kids.

    • Dana

      Just because you go to an office for 8 hours a day doesn’t mean you are working harder than a stay at home mom does. There is plenty of work to do while kids are at school and there is no reason to compare who has it harder… All families manage in their own way.

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree with you. Now that the youngest is in school, I have to admit that it does free up some time. Yes, there is still plenty to do around the house (actually, it’s never-ending), it’s just easier without the little ones running around.

  2. amy

    I hate how people always think being a full time mom isn’t work or a job,

    • Anonymous

      Whoever said it isn’t work or a job? Nobody thinks that.

      But if you have to take care of your family and kids AND work a full-time job outside the home, there’s no contest.

    • tori

      Its NOT a job its a blessing ! Smh. Yea its hard work sometimes but not classified a job. Most women would love to stay home with there babies but can’t afford it. Every mom is a full time mom. They don’t stop being a mom because they have an appt or a job . Moms that work do the same thing as stay at home moms. They still have to come home and do the cleaning cooking meal prep for the next day laundry and every other household chore. Plus they have to provide . Stay at home moms don’t have to worry about putting food on the table they just make it…

  3. alliewoop

    The actual reality is that extremely wealthy stay at home moms ALWAYS have nannies. Usually SEVERAL nannies. I’ve worked with celebrity families for the past seven years and you’d be shocked how many stay at home “we don’t use nannies” celebrities not only DO use nannies but usually have more than one!

  4. D

    Cam gigandet and his wife welcomed a baby boy named rekker radley! Congrats

  5. K

    “But if you have to take care of your family and kids AND work a full-time job outside the home, there’s no contest.”

    I hate comments like that. If you are working full time, you are not taking care of your kids full time, day care or grandma is! Can’t we just all agree that both are extremely difficult?

    • Danielle

      I didn’t know it was a “contest”, women are so competitive and I always thought it was supposed to be men who were more competitive.

      But I agree K, if you are at work all day you aren’t technically looking after your children someone else is. I have been a nanny for 14 years and both parents work (i don’t work for the lunching mothers), but they come home from work and everything is done. Their children have been fed, bathed and usually in their pjs, all the parents have to do is read them a story and pop them into bed. EVERY family I have worked for has a cleaner so there is nothing for them to do at the weekends except hang out with their kids.

      Unless you are a lady of leisure with lots of money I think either way is hard work.

    • Anonymous

      Are you purposefully obtuse? We’re talking about when your kids are school age.

      So if you and I have school-age children, you’re home all day (doing what??) while I’m at work. When the kids get home, we both have to do all the same things, except you’ve had all day to do whatever you want/need. I have to fit it all in after working/school hours.

      Sorry, working a full time job *and* being a mother is way harder than being a stay at home mom when your kids are old enough to go to school.

      • K

        Oh my gosh! So then, I could argue that being a SAHM to kids NOT school age is harder than working full time outside the home while someone else watches your kids, no contest. I guess that makes us even! I could also argue that their are SAHM moms who homeschool their kids and take care of their house, so what then? So why do we have to argue about it? I admire moms who work outside the home, but please don’t tell me your job is harder than mine! We are all trying to do the best we can and being a mom is hard PERIOD.

  6. N

    Just wondering when men got their way out of this?

  7. shirley

    thank you so much kourtney kardashian for making stay at home moms look totally worthless. the moms i know do more than you as volunteers. but people like you show selfish self absorbed people with tons of help are not doing projects. (hello, your sister flew in to do something that you did not think was worth your time. seriously, do you really really think you should make everyone take 1/6 of the house? why didn’t you take the guest house? you are so so centered that i will never watch any of the shows you are in. one sister is trying so hard to have a child and you think the world should bow down to you. you are lucky you sister doesnt point out how hurtful you are when she cant get pregnant and than takes 2/3 of the house to flawnt that you have kids. have you ever respected or at least cared? scott is a huge issue and sadly interesting. but people like you suffer because of being stay at home. i never had anything more than a babysitter. but id get the babysitter to mow my lawn. hello, not only can dad ‘babysit’ but you could use so many people. qvc needs you for 15 minutes?? i am so angry with you for the image you present that i am done. you embarrass me and everyone “so selfish” to do nothing and take everything as if it is due you.

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