Beyoncé: ‘Proud Day for African American Women’



From our friends at! By Jennifer Borget.

Monday, Beyoncé took to Tumblr and shared her feelings about the Super Bowl performances Sunday exclaiming (literally): “What a proud day for African American Women!!!!”

That’s a lot of exclamation points right there. She goes on to give props to the beautiful African American women who stood beside her this week, rocking the stage together.

I’ll admit I was gloating myself noticing all of the black women who resemble me (sorta, ok–I wish), and my daughter, doing the dang thing, and representing. All evening my little girl kept running to her bang on her piano and “sing like Eesha Keys” as she’d say it. Never before had I seen such a dynamic group of black women all performing at such a universal event like the Super Bowl.

I watched as my Twitter and Facebook feeds blew up with comments about the performances. Many moms praised Beyoncé for doing so well so soon after having a baby. More women rejoiced from all the girl power flooding their screen, and others, like Beyoncé celebrated black women who banned together to make the Super Bowl entertainment truly epic.

Alas, every time people want to point out the strides African American women have made, some tend to question why we even care and say things like: “I wonder if there will ever be a time where artists (who all happen to be African American) can perform and it be amazing, without them each pointing out how amazing it is to be African American…”

When I saw this conversation scroll across my news feed I couldn’t help but weigh in from my point of view. After reading my friend’s statement requesting feedback, and noticing others were chiming in asking the same type of question, we had a good discussion about why I feel like delighting over the fact that it was amazing for black women.

Growing up I didn’t see girls who look like me rocking the stage. There weren’t politicians with skin near the shade of mine leading the country. Advertisements, movies, models, dolls, and toys didn’t often showcase people who looked anything like me. I imagine it’s hard to understand when you don’t grow up noticing this.

To be honest, I hope that some day there will be a time when people don’t feel the need to point out and celebrate a specific race. But the only way that happens is by witnessing moments like these more often. So often that it becomes a norm.

As far as I see it, Super Bowl 2013 was a big day for black women. But if you don’t feel like seeing it that way, it was also a big day for women, mothers, and all of America who got to enjoy this incredible night.

Speaking of mothers, though Beyoncé most recently had a baby, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer were representing as hot mamas as well.

And they aren’t the first. Click through the slideshow to see them and other semi-recent Super Bowl performing mothers (not all were moms at the time of their performance).

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