Cam Gigandet & Fiancée Welcome Baby No. 2: Rekker

It’s a boy for Cam Gigandet and his fiancée Dominique Geisendorff!

The Twilight star shared the news on Facebook tonight, writing, “We have been very lucky to have had a peaceful few days at home, but I would like to release this myself before others do. Dominique gave birth to our second Child son Rekker Radley Gigandet on 1/ 23/ 2013. He is Healthy, Happy, and Perfect.”

Baby Rekker joins big sister Everleigh Ray, 3.

Congratulations to them!

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  • Kristina

    Congratulations! Beautiful family!

  • Judi

    Rekker?! What kind of name is that?

  • tia

    Rekker? Poor kid!

  • reality

    should be criminally charged with that atrocious name, I though parents were supposed to love their new baby!

  • Denym

    I like Radley but not Rekker

  • Lovely family! Rekker… never heard of that name, but I love it. An unique name, not the names we heard a lot like, Thomas, Patrick, Henry, Hank etc.
    Anyway congrats to this beautiful family!

  • Danielle

    Rekker? Sounds like ‘wreck it’, poor child.
    There have been talks in the U.K about putting restrictions on what people can call their children due to some ridiculous ‘names’, quite a few European countries do it. At first I was apprehensive as I don’t think the government should intervene too much, but then I hear some names and I think its a good thing if their is a law.

    • Annaleah

      Wow that sounds horrible, why would you ever want to have the government have so much control over you?
      And who decides what is ‘ridiculous’ or not? I think its ridiculous that so many babies are named Kayla and Aiden and Ethan.
      You do realize that EVERY name was made up by someone at one point, right? Some people are so narrow-minded, I’m just baffled by it.

      • Lola

        “why would you ever want to have the government have so much control over you?”

        Because some parents are dumb and the children who will have to live with the name need to be protected?

        • Annaleah

          If that’s the case why don’t we just stop the ‘dumb’ people from having kids in the first place? Lets let the government decide who we should sterilize. Where does it stop? I know I wouldn’t want to live an any country that tells me what I can name my kid. I think the ‘dumb’ people are the people who think this is a good idea. And trust me, Rekker will be just fine. I’m sure he appreciates your concern though 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Some parents teach their children that there’s an invisible man in the sky watching everything they do an waiting to exact revenge on them if they misbehave.

          Some teach their daughters that they only thing they’re good for is to be a wife and mother and they don’t even need to learn to read or take care of themselves.

          Some give their daughters to leacherous old men to marry at young ages, and and teach them that this is what the invisible man wants.

          Some cut the genitals off their daughters with dirty stones.

          I don’t think any of these things should be legal either. My point is that there are a lot worse things that parents do to their children that give them crappy names.

      • Louisa

        > why would you ever want to have the government have so much control over you?

        Because in some instances, the chosen name could very much be consider considered to be a form of childabuse…

        I present to you: a list of the strangest names of the past year, as recorded by the Dutch civil registry.

        A few random translations:
        ‘Blaas’ is the Dutch word for ‘bladder’.
        ‘Bruis’ is ‘Fizz’. Like the soluble aspirin.
        Kabine – Cabin; Ruiter – Horseman; Oomke – Uncle.
        And the Dutch ‘Nor’ means Jail. Or maybe not even that; it’s more like slang for jail. Slammer, joint, etc.

        Just think about it.
        Jail. As a first name.

        I rest my case, I guess..

      • all for kids

        how dare you stick up for the name rekker, on the point of freedom! America is becoming so sad, perhaps I can call my child fackyou by your reasoning. It’s the child that suffers, not the parents.

  • Anonymous

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Veronica

    Good job on posting the same post as Megan Fox!

    • Veronica

      The actor, I mean.

  • Since when is the word “child” a proper noun that requires a capital letter?? Anyway, congrats to Cam and Dominique. I wish he’d do more films!

  • Adele

    At least it’s not Ava or Jackson!

  • kamila

    Rekker? Are they for real???

  • courtneyb

    Interesting choice, I prefer their daughter’s name, Everleigh, but Rekker kind of fits in.

  • mrs. trumbell

    damn, he is hot.

    i mean, really hot.

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