Denise Richards & Eloise: Doctor Duo

Actress Denise Richards was photographed taking her 1-year-old daughter Eloise to a doctor’s appointment in Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday (February 6).

Denise’s eldest daughters Sam, 8, and Lola, 7, were not with the pair, presumably at school.

It seems Denise’s ex-hubby, troubled actor Charlie Sheen says he will never walk down the aisle again.

“In baseball when you strike out three times, it is a golden sombrero. Four times is a platinum sombrero… I’m not wearing the platinum sombrero of marriage,” Charlie says.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News


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    • dawnscasa

      Stop ‘Hitting Below The Belt” with comments regarding her beautiful daughters. Are you a mother? Would you want your children to read these cruel remarks. I am so sick of y’all saying these kids never smile. They are young with strange people with huge camera’s jumping infront of their faces, How would you at that age or your children react?? Denise & Charlies girls & thier brothers handle it well. If they were to smile, after being scared, y’all would be saying they were sucking up to the cameras. Give that whole family a break. and shame on you for saying that about an innocent child. she is beautiful as the rest of Denise & Charlie’s brood..

  1. v-girl

    I think this is Victoria Beckham’s child, she NEVER looks happy!!!

    • dawnscasa

      Leave these children alone. your comments above are grosteque to say the least. they are small children with strange men & women and huge cameras jumpig out at them. What the heck do you expect??? If it was you and your children, you would be having a different tune. Enough with pickign on small kids. Below the Belt …………..shame on you all !

  2. Anonymous

    I really like her (I have to admit I had my doubts) but she truly seems like a loving mom to both her kids and her pets!

  3. all for kids

    Don’t care about the backlash that you sad people will say but ANY CHILD deserves a MOTHER and FATHER. Adopting into a single parent household is SOOOOOOOOOOO selfish, and makes a mockery for those who are forced to single parent through death or abandoment.

    • Lulu

      How does raising a child alone, when you’re financially and emotionally able to do so, make a mockery of those who don’t choose to be single parents? She may have a huge support system with extended family, friends, etc. Just because two parent families are the norm doesn’t mean they’re inherently healthy. There’s more than one way to live, and just because you can’t look beyond your narrow definition of “family” doesn’t mean this woman is selfish. Grow up.

  4. Ella

    She adopted a special needs child, good for her

  5. Ella

    That’s so nice that Denise adopted a special needs child

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