Jill Zarin on Jewelry & Shapewear Lines, Life After Housewives

The Real Housewives of New York City alum Jill Zarin hasn’t slowed down one bit since her departure from reality TV. She’s been keeping busy designing new additions to her jewelry collection and shapewear line, Jill Zarin Jewelry and Skweez Couture respectively.

The best-selling author and television star opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about staying sexy at 49, her best entertaining tips, and her upcoming plans for Passover.

CBS: Tell us about the new additions to your jewelry collection and shapewear line.

JZ: “I am so excited for my St.Tropez and Hamptons collections to debut this spring. The St. Tropez collection is right on trend with the rich jeweled tones of deep sea blue and sea foam green, mixed in with genuine abalone shell accents.

My Hamptons collection uses resin stones inspired by the beautiful pale, sea washed organic rocks found on the beach with accents of Swarovski Crystal elements in a soft pink and white, with Mother of pearl and leather accents. I can’t wait to wear both of these collections.”

CBS: Do you really wear shapewear? What are some of your best shapewear secrets and suggestions?

JZ: “Skweez Couture was developed because I couldn’t find the kind of shapewear I needed. I hated wearing what was really just “control top “panty hose with the legs cut off. I wanted something more feminine with lace. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it so I said to my husband Bobby, ‘I am just going to do it myself.’ And I did!

My team has created some of the most innovative ways to smooth and contour a woman’s body using the finest materials while having the fashion qualities a woman looks for, even if under clothing.”

CBS: With Passover coming up, please give us some of your best tips. What are your favorite dishes? How do you prepare for the holiday?

JZ: “Passover is one of my favorite holidays. It is mandatory in our family to drop everything, no matter what, and be together. Traveling near or far; we are.

My sister (radio host, Lisa Wexler) makes the first night and my Aunt Cookie (Anita Zaret) makes the second. My mother ALWAYS makes 5 pot roasts. Now this is no ordinary pot roast. Nope. Mom uses a meat called “deckel” otherwise known as the “poor man’s” brisket. You can order it from your local butcher. It is the most tender and delicious meat — and affordable too. Mommy has her secret recipe, but I can tell you it takes 5 hours at 325 in the oven and worth every minute.

My Aunt cookie spends weeks preparing what we will read as an adendum to the Haggadah after and during the meal. The child, otherwise known as the “little ones,” read the 4 questions and the eldest man hides the “affikomen” which is a piece of Matzah, somewhere in the house. Whoever finds it wins money. Of course by the end of the game, all the kids end of getting a few bucks too.”

CBS: We hear you’re an entertaining whiz! Give us your top 5 entertaining tips.

JZ: “I do love to entertain. I took a break for a few years since Housewives kept me very busy in the summers. But I am happy to say that we are already getting ready for our summer parties and they will be the best ones we yet.

I do believe that the invitation is very important. It sets the tone of the party. The internet has sort of ruined it over the past few years with the invention of evite.com and paperlesspost.com. I like sending them in the mail. Some of my invites cost as much as $100 apiece and everyone saves them. They are supposed to give you a little taste of what’s to come.

Some of my tips are:

  • Send out real invitations if you want your party to be taken seriously. Nothing replaces opening it in person.
  • I like my guests to have something to take home with them at the end of the night. One of my favorite party favors are a couple of chocolate chip cookies in a little plastic baggie tied with ribbon to match your color theme.
  • Good music. Spend time selecting what you want to hear. Today with the ease of technology, you can be your own DJ with not much effort. Or you can download an application from songza.com to your iPhone and they have wonderful playlists you can select from.
  • Fresh flowers from your garden are always nice or buy a few at the local grocery and put them in a simple glass bowl on the table with some rocks.
  • Not everyone can be invited to everything, so if you can, have a few smaller dinners rather than one big party this summer. You will have a better time.”

CBS: You look amazing at 49! Spill your best beauty secrets.

JZ: “Thank you so much for the compliment. And thank you Dr. Pat Wexler! I can’t take all the credit [laughs]. But seriously, if I told you all my tricks, they wouldn’t stay a secret.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

JZ: “Right now, Bobby and I are really enjoying traveling. We have been to London, Paris, LA, Vegas, Miami, Nashville and St. Bart’s over the past few months and have a few more trips coming up including Vail and Aspen. When you have your health you have everything, and we plan on enjoying each other and our life together as long as possible.”

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