Kristin Cavallari: How She Stays So Slim Post-Baby

New mom Kristin Cavallari seemed to slim down in record time after the birth of her son Camden in August, but the reality star insists there’s no secret to her weight loss: She just eats very healthy.

“I’m like a freak about eating healthy,” she tells US Weekly. “I’ve always been a really healthy eater. I think when I got pregnant I took it up another notch, just because I was so aware of what I was putting in my body. I’ve just maintained that since I’ve had Cam. And honestly, I rarely drink alcohol, which helps too. It’s just empty calories.”

It sounds like Kristin may be unpacking her maternity clothes before too long, though – she recently admitted that they’re already talking about baby #2!

“We want a big family so I think sooner than later we will have another one,” she said. “But it’s a little too soon, I just got my body back. I want to enjoy it!”

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Lynn

    She looks great!! And it really is all about common sense and self-control.

  • Annie

    I think she looks too thin… but that’s just my taste. Very thin blond girls are just so… bland..?

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