Rachel Zoe’s Stylin’ Skyler

Rachel Zoe’s son Skyler is a little fashionista! The celebrity stylist shared a photo of the nearly 2-year-old standing next to a bunch of boots on Tuesday (February 5).

She said, “Look who’s editing my fall collection… 😉 #RZFW”

Zoe was on Good Morning America on Thursday discussing her latest venture – DreamDry. She described it as a blow-drying and styling destination in Manhattan.

In the interview she also talked about dressing her “beautiful, healthy little boy”.

Zoe said, “That’s fun at its best. That’s styling at its height for me. Does he go with it? Now, he loves it. He’ll be, hat, mommy. Boots, boots. No, this one. It’s just so cute.”

She added, “And I like — now, I want him to start to make his own choices. So, I lay out five things. I’m like, stripes, blue, black. He’s like this one, brown one. It’s gamals, by rachel zoe. Soon, he’s only going to want to wear guess t-shirts. This is why I’m doing this. I’m aware of this. And I know that in about a year or two, it’s going to be all about athletic uniforms.”

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  1. Anonymous

    That sweater outfit is ADORABLE!!

  2. anonymous2

    DreamDry…is a ridiculous name for a new venture. Couldn’t she come up with a better name?

  3. popsykl

    love the outfit…and the boy, he is gorgeous

  4. A. Smyth

    Maybe Rachel Zoe dresses him like that because she has already started planning the potential humiliation when she shows these pictures to all of his friends at his 21st birthday party.

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