Gabriel Aubry’s Giggling Girl

Canadian model Gabriel Aubry shared a laugh with his 4-year-old daughter Nahla on Thursday (February 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

2012 has been quite the year for Gabriel and his ex girlfriend, actress Halle Berry.

After numerous months of being involved in a highly publicized, bitter custody battle – which was primarily centered around Halle’s desire to move with their daughter to France – the estranged couple finally reached “an amicable agreement” regarding their gorgeous girl.

Gabriel got into a physical altercation with Halle’s fiancé, actor Olivier Martinez, on Thanksgiving Day, leading to Gabriel’s arrest, a broken rib and a black eye.

Olivier performed a citizen’s arrest on Gabriel and was granted an emergency protective order preventing the model from coming within 100 yards of him, Halle or Nahla until the end of November.

In turn, Gabriel obtained a restraining order against Olivier on November 26th, asserting that the fight began when the Unfaithful star threatened to kill him if he did not allow the Halle and Nahla to move to France.

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  • Essa

    He loves his girl. So obvious. Hopefully Halle won’t tear their love apart.

    • Anonymous

      Give it a rest Essa. Hopefully he’ll soon start working to provide a living for his little girl that he loves so much…….as you put it.

      • Essa

        Excuse me, but give WHAT a rest??

      • MW

        Anonymous — try Googling “Gabriel Aubry Hugo Boss Black, campaign 2013”. Or ANY of the Hugo Boss Campaigns in the past few years. True Religion, or Tommy Hilfiger, Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein, DKNY, or Valentino are other places you can check out. You will probably be saddened to find out he is still working, and undoubtedly earning big bucks for it.

        • Mia003

          MW if he is earning “big bucks” then why can’t he take care of his own child?! He should be able to take care of his own child on his own and he should be embarrassed that he is using a woman. If he really make “big bucks” then that would make it even worse! Because why would he be taking money from her if he can provide for himself and his child. This man is embarrassment and uses the kid to get money for himself from her wealthy mother. I anyone gives him a job it’s because of Halle because he is old and ugly now. One of his friend also said he was turning down jobs for years because he knew he could get her money. We will see if he keeps taking her money or if he start supporting himself on his own! I bet won’t!

      • Shows how little you know. Do your research and you will find that this man is working! He just doesn’t make the kind of money that the mother of this child does. She knew that when she got with him, and when she stated on the Oprah show that she wanted a baby so badly that the potential father didn’t have to give her anything. Remember? This little girl is getting something from a daddy that is priceless, love! And, she is not suffering from anything!

    • Mia003

      He loves that money that his cash cow is bringing him! Of course he is happy when he looks at her he sees dollar signs. Cha ching. He only wanted her in his life when he demanded money from the court to have her but he said he wanted 20,000 dollars plus extras. If you care about your child you get a job to take care of them. You can not tell from a photo what kind of person he is, it is just a PHOTO but you can tell what can of person he is that he dosn’t want to work or do anything to help provide for himself and his child. If he was black and using his baby mama to take care of him what would you be calling him? Mooch, Gold Digger and so on. So the same rules don’t apply to him because he’s white?!

  • lol

    please, the man is gay and the stupid woman used him for his white skin, get real.

    • Can you prove that? Why, because he’s a model, or because he’s a decent human being that doesn’t have babies all over the place & is not a womanizer? This is said about many decent men, and that is so sad. Unless you can back up your comment with proof, you need to put a lid on it!!

  • manchester123

    Gabriel Aubry is living off Hale. He should find a job and stop using Nahla as an excuse to get more money from Hale. He is a gold digger. I love Hale, Nahla, Gabriel and Martinez but some things are too obivious. I give her credit as her whole life is played out in public which is what Gabriel wants. He should get himself a woman and get on with his life and stay out of the spotlight. Stop playing the victim Gabriel!!!!!!!!!! What will you do when Nahla turns 18? I guest by then you will still picking her up from college. Give it a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marie

      Thank you for your comment Halle. We know your pissed off… Pretty obvious. The misspelled name didn’t throw anybody off. If it was the other way around and he had more money than you he probably be paying 50K a month. So quit bitching. “her whole life is played out in public, which is what he want” lol really ?! Guess there’s no filter for retards or dumb comment on this site.

  • Gabriel is a wonderful daddy. Gee, I wished that I had had a daddy like that! I love the fact that he has his priorities in order, when it comes to his little girl. That’s beautiful, even that he would fight for her! As far as those who says he’s living off of Halle, that’s balogney! Do your homework. On the flip side of that, so what???? Someone has to be in the little girl’s life to look out for her while mommy is busy working, so who better than the child’s father! Unlike Halle, Nahla will have great memories of being with dad, which the mother did not have of her father! Great job, Gabe!

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