Gisele Bündchen Introduces Daughter Vivian

Meet Vivian Lake Brady!

Model mom Gisele Bündchen introduces her 9-week-old daughter via Facebook Friday, sharing a photo as they vacation in Hawaii.

“Love is everything!!!” the supermodel, 32, writes. “Happy Friday, much love to all.”

Vivian is the second child for Gisele and her husband, football star Tom Brady. She joins big brothers Benjamin, 3, and Jack, 5.

“We feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again and are forever grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of another little angel,” Gisele and her New England Patriots quarterback husband, 35, wrote after her December 5th birth.

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Photo credit: Facebook

  • Ja

    Jack is her half bbrother, no brother. Gisele and Tom have together just Ben. Jack lives with his mother

    • Ano

      Jack is her brother, he is family. Call it what you want.

  • Julianna

    She’s absolutely Gorgeous !

  • Anonymous

    John Moynihan is her half brother.

    • mariah

      If you treat people/innocent babies like this, I really hope you are NOT a mother…I would much prefer my blended family to love ALL kids (as Gisele has shown) than be cold and un loving!

  • Chloé

    She’s going to be a tall lady ! So lovely !

  • Someone

    What a sweet picture! She is a doll

  • musiclover

    Beautiful baby….but with parents who look like hers, I guess it’s not surprising 🙂

  • italian girl

    Cute baby girl!!! She absolutely looks like her brother Benjamin.
    Beautiful family!

    • coco

      True, she looks just like Ben and she’s gorgeous!

  • Jenn

    Wow she is going to be a tall lady like her mama! Such a cutie. But then agan what else did we expect with two gorgeous parents like that?! 🙂

  • Jesse

    Why do both her kids have brown eyes when both Gisele and Tom have light eyes?

    • Selena

      You do realize that a baby’s eyes can change color. Especially if they are only a newborn. And even if they are brown, Your comment still makes you look ignorant. Two Blue-Eyed people can have a baby with brown eyes if they carry the Recessive gene for brown eyes. Basic science. I am only 13 and I know this….

      • mariah

        yep. my parents are both green eyed with medium brown hair. had one brown eyed almost black haired daughter and one dirty blonde haired green eyed daughter. and we’re all 100% blood. lol…

      • Anonymous

        Mmm…blue eyes are recessive, though…brown eyes are dominant.

        Two blue-eyed individuals theoretically (based on that “basic science” principle) couldn’t produce a brown-eyed child.

        You have it the other way around.

        • Anon

          There is actually two different ways to end up with blue eyes, and if each parent has a complete and opposite blue eyed gene – it is possible for them to carry the dominate brown eyed gene and pass it along to a child.

          Rare, but possible under certain circumstances.

          I have a blue eyed parent and a green eyed parent and my eyes are an extremely dark brown.

      • Luciana

        Selena Darling, you´re wrong.
        Two Blue-Eyed people CAN´T have a baby with brown eyes.
        When Benjamin was born with brown eyes, Gisele´s secret appears: She has brown eyes and uses blue contact lenses (customized).
        You can check it with a biology teacher

    • anne

      Does the name Darwin say anything to you?

      • anne

        Now that I’ve posted this I think I should’ve used the word “mean” instead of “say”?!

  • Dana

    Squee! She is gorgeous! Very tall for 9 weeks. Que Linda!

  • Taniesha

    How can you tell by this picture that she has brown eyes?

  • Katie

    So gorgeous!

  • Francesca

    What a beautiful girl!

  • Sue

    Sweet & pretty baby gil!!!!

  • Selena-You’re “only being 13” really shows in your (arrogantly) incorrect comment. All individuals with genuinely blue eyes-not hazel, green, or even blue-green-carry the double recessive “bb” meaning that if they were to have a biological child with another carrier of a double reccesive, it would be entirely IMPOSSIBLE for them to produce a brown eyed child as the dominant gene for brown is not at all present. Brown eyed people on the other hand can produce children with any colored eyes as they can either possess a “BB”-double brown dominant or “Bb”-dominant brown, recessive blue-genetic code. However, if two dominant possesive brown eyed parents, both carrying “BB” were to get together then they could only have a brown eyed child as all gene markers present would be dominant. (This is basic high school level science and normally I wouldn’t even bother but I hate it when people attempt to spread ignorance as fact-it doesn’t do anyone any favors.) However, I believe that both Tom & Gisele have blue/greenish eyes so the recessive/dominant argument doesn’t even apply here ☺

  • A. Smyth


  • Shirley

    By the size of her big feet and loooong legs, she looks nine MONTHS OLD! What a gangly looking baby!

  • Franciely Tsuchiya

    Is Vivian Lake!

  • Jenn

    She’s cute ,like all kids.She looks just like Ben

  • Tiffany

    That is a HUGE baby! 9 weeks! That kid is huge! She still has that newborny face but the body of a 6 month old!

  • Hannah.J

    What a little cutie her 2 brothers will be so protective of her when she gets older, Vivian looks so big for 9 weeks she is going to be tall like her mom I think.

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