Kristin Cavallari Getting Ready To Walk Down the Aisle?

Last we checked Kristin Cavallari’s wedding was put on hold indefinitely.  Now, our friends over at Hollyscoop hear wedding bells ringing in her future.  Get the scoop on her wedding dress and other details here.

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  • Luísa

    Gisel just posted a picture of Vivian Lake on her facebook!…

    • coco

      Oh my God, she’s beautiful!

      • Shirley

        Didn’t know you thought that Kristen Cavalleri was so beautiful!

    • Shirley

      And what exactly does Gisels Bindchen’s new baby have to do with Kristen Cavaleri? Was she a surrogate for her baby or something?

  • anon.

    LOL – so you hijacked this post since no one else was interested in commenting on Kristin? At least now she got a few page clicks and looks semi-popular 😉

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