Special Needs: Providing Support & Respect to Families

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Did you hear about the waiter in Texas who put his job on the line when he defended a boy with Down syndrome?

This story is both heartbreaking and inspiring. It reminds us all that taking a stand against prejudice can be difficult in a society that isn’t always accepting and welcoming of people with special needs. After all, a child with special needs deserves respect, kindness and inclusion just like any other child.


While this might seem obvious, it is often not the case and many children with disabilities – and their parents – feel judged and isolated. And not to mention overwhelmed!

Prior to motherhood and blogging, I was a social worker within the field of disability. I learned not only about the struggles facing children with disabilities, but the many roadblocks they come across in society.

From the stares, to the exclusion, to the isolation, to the financial struggles, to the learned helplessness — it can be a lonely existence.

But I’m calling upon all of us to rise above – get out of your bubble – and see the person for who they are, regardless of their diagnosis or label.

Continue reading at HerScoop for a few tips on how to support families who are living with special needs.

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  1. Lorretta Sisco

    My son is autistic, mentally challenged, self injurious behaviours & other diagnosises. When we go out people stare. I dont care as long as they mind their business cause i will PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE. I love my son & will protect him as long as i live.

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