Alessandra Ambrosio’s Stroller Darlings

Alessandra Ambrosio has shared a couple of adorable photos via Instagram of Anja, 4, and Noah, 9 months.

The Victoria’s Secret model wrote on Wednesday (February 6): “Going for a ride on the new double stroller !!! Love it!! Thanks @babyjogger #stroller #citymini #kids”

In a closeup of Noah wearing a flat cap she says, “Happy 9th months Noah Phoenix my #babyboy #Iloveyou”

The model mom will be launching her own clothing label next year.

She said, “This is not a hobby for me. I’ve been a fashion model for 15 years and designing is just an extension of my career. I know what I like and what I want to see. I want to be satisfied just as much as the customer.

“I’m creating a brand that’s everything that I am passionate about and have experience in, from growing up in Brazil, traveling around the world and moving here five years ago.”

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  1. maryf

    Why does a four year old need to go in a stroller?

  2. maryf

    Maybe we are tougher in England!

    • Anabelle

      Evidentally so! I have two four-year-olds and regularly go walking with my friend and her three-year-old and they all are perfectly capable of walking! In fact, my 20-month-old and her 18-month-old prefer walking to the pushchair too (though, obviously, we do take a pushchair for them lol). x

    • scottish girl

      No, you’re just full of yourselves!

    • anne

      It’s the same here in Germany. So mabe we’re tougher in Europe 😉

    • christine

      Ha – maybe you are more judgmental over there in England!!!

      The anti-stroller comments always make me laugh, because you guys are so quick to assume that a kid who happens to ride in a stroller on occasion does less walking than other kids. I put my toddler and my 5 (yes, five!!) year old in a double jogging stroller nearly every morning and run a four mile loop to drop them both off at their respective preschools. There are lots of hills on the route as well, so I get a fantastic work out while they chat about birds and trees and buses. I have no doubt that we get passed by moms driving by in huge gas guzzling SUV’s with their kids watching TV in the back seat, and the moms may give us a judgmental look because I dare to put a five year old in a stroller so I can go for a morning run.

      My five year old definitely walks far, far more than the average kid, in the US or in Europe. He frequently walks (or bikes) the two mile trip home from his school, even if it is cold and rainy. He is not lazy at all. Yes, I do push him in the stroller, but this only means that he gets more fresh air and spends WAY less time in a car than the average kid.

      How is pushing him to preschool in a stroller any different from driving him in the car? Or how about taking a city bus?

      (Finally, MaryF, please let me say that I have have many work colleagues and friends from England, and I generally find them to be quite humble and kind. You must be the exception!)

  3. Anabelle

    “Going for a ride on the new double stroller !!! Love it!! Thanks @babyjogger #stroller #citymini #kids”

    Let me guess. Baby Jogger gives a brand new stroller absolutely free to an already mega-rich woman and say all they want in return is for her to Tweet herself using it.

  4. maryf

    You can see its not made for a four year old she hardly fits in it.

  5. popsykl

    if i want to go for a huge long walk…..i use a stroller too…its for exercise..for the mum

  6. anonamom

    Sorry but my 4 yr old can not walk 2+ miles. Can they walk short distances sure but If you want to walk far and if you want to walk quick ,I do a mile in 15 mins a 4 yr old won’t be able to keep up. Also if you go jogging they obviously won’t be able to keep up. Don’t be so silly.

    • Danielle

      Really? My 3 yr old has been scooting to and from his football class and music class for months now, they are 1.5miles away so 3 mile round trip. So I would hope a 4 yr old could do 2 miles. And when he scoots he’s actually faster than me!

      • anonamom

        Scooting 1.5 miles and walking 2 miles in 30 mins are totally different. Scooting is way easier and takes about 10% of the time walking does. Wheels are always quicker then legs your comment is absolutely ridiculous and irrelevant , nobody was talking about scooting why don’t you just state that you can cycle faster then I can walk. These are just obvious facts.

  7. olivia

    When we went to england my parents brought our umbrella stroller, for me, i was 4 at the time, they knew we would be walking alot, so they brought it, they also brought a cord that i wore around my wrist (attached to their wrist) so they didnt lose me in the airport at heathrow, but at home they made me walk.

  8. Meghan

    I’m struggling to understand why people are making such a big deal over her putting her four year old in a stroller. This is the first time in a couple of years I’ve actually seen Anja in a stroller. You people are acting like she’s in a stroller every time they go out. When you have kids far apart in age, it’s easier to throw them both in the stroller and go for a walk, or a run, or whatever than having one in the stroller and the other walking on their own or on their scooter. I just don’t see what the problem is. To each their own I guess.

  9. SMH

    If your not the one pushing it then shut up about it. I know two people who loved jogging and would put their sons who were five in the them to jog. They said it made for a great workout. It wasnt their children or them being “lazy”. Your kids are only young once whats the big real??

  10. Anonymous

    maybe she was going on a run? I’m sure they mix it up and the kid is not in the stroller the whole time, or at least every time they walk. who really cares? on a scale of 1-10 i’m sure there are way greater bad parenting travesties (not that i think using a stroller is bad parenting) .

  11. Amy

    Of course, let the mom-bashing begin. Like always. She’s not doing anything that will hurt her daughter in the long run so why do you all care so much? She’s the one pushing all that weight in the stroller, not you, and it makes an excellent workout for her! I put my almost 5 year old and almost 2 year olds in our double jogger to go around the neighborhood for exercise for *ME* and they enjoy the ride, so why not??

  12. Kristina

    I have a very small 4 year year old (30lbs) who I let ride in a stroller sometimes. His legs are short and he gets tired if he has to walk long distances. We walk to school everyday and some days he is exhausted by the time he gets to school and is grumpy all day. If he walks it takes him 16+ minutes. People do what they believe is right for their children and shouldn’t be judged for it. I do try to get my son to walk though so he can get exersize but now he has a bike and it makes it much easier.

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