Happy 16th Birthday Prince Jackson!

Name: Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.

Parents: Michael Jackson & Deborah Rowe

Date of Birth: February 13, 1997

Siblings: Paris, 14, & Blanket, 10


♥ He is most commonly referred to by the name “Prince”

♥ His godparents are Elizabeth Taylor and Macaulay Culkin

♥ Prince spent the beginnings of his life wearing a mask in public because his father did not want him to be easily recognized

♥ Prince & his siblings tragically lost their father in 2009

♥ Since that loss, they have been in the custody of their paternal grandmother Katherine Jackson

♥ Michael’s nephew – his brother Tito’s son – T.J. was granted permanent shared guardianship of Prince and his siblings alongside their grandmother in August 2012

♥ In recent news, Michael’s former dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein has alluded that he’s the biological father of Prince

♥ This year, we have spotted Prince enjoying his Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes


“Prince likes electronics. He can hook up about anything. He also likes karate. And all of the kids are musically talented. I truly believe that God blessed this family with the gift of music to make people happy all over the world. If they want to become performers, that’s fine with me and my mom, but they also have to get an education.” – uncle Marlon Jackson on his late brother’s children.

“This, right here, is his lifetime achievement award. This is what he strived to get, and this is what we are giving him now.” – Prince on his father after memorializing him with his famous sequined glove and a pair of his dancing shoes.

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  1. This is not the son of mj he was adopting these biological parent are debbie rowe and arnold klein, and it looks a lot his father biological arnold klein.

    • NYCMommy

      Regardless if he was adopted or not he is still Michael Jackson’s son…. Your comment is very narrow minded , very ignorant and very sad. I am adopted and I consider my adopted parents MY PARENTS as do most people who are adopted.

    • anonymous

      Calm down! Sophia is allowed to give her opinion just like anyone else. If you don’t agree, fine, but no need to call her names! Go take a chill pill….

    • Kelly

      Phk you, these ARE Michael’s children JUST AS anyone who adopts, doesn’t matter if biological or not. Klein is NOT the biological father, you are an idiot. Stop believing tabloidish crap. Michael didn’t do anything different then anyone else who adopts or goes and gets sperm/egg doner to have kids. Doesn’t mean they aren’t his kids. PHK you. 🙂

    • Dee

      You are an uneducated person. You don’t know anything. These ARE 100% Michaels kids as any who adopt no matter how they go about it. How dare you insinuate adopted kids are not family of the person adopting. Mean people such as yourself always have to criticize anything Michael does when millions of others do the same thing. Leave Michael alone.

    • Lauren

      Hey Sophia. Michael Jackson had vitiligo and Prince has it also. No coincidence. Unless Klein has it also, I don’t believe that he is Prince’s father. None of that matters anyway, Michael is still his dad. The parent that matters is the one that raises you.

      Happy Birthday, Prince!

    • Ashley

      Calm down. While I agree that Michael is likely the bio father, your spazzing out sounds a bit crazy. If people want to be ignorant, let them be. That is their problem.

    • squid12

      MJ Jr. inherited MJ’s vitiligo – ABC and CBS news websites covered it in 2010 around the one yr anniversary of MJ’s death (with photos); that’s his son. It’s a shame that so many have absolutely no clue about mixed “race” people — that you can look white and have one parent who’s Asian or Latino or black …. And, even worse: people like you exercise no logic.. Look at LaToya Jackson; she’s never had any color and she & MJ have the same brown parents — which means what? Obviously they’re not 100% black (they’ve mentioned having Native American [south west] and white heritage as well) – as one can also tell from Joe’s greenish hazel eyes. Arnold Klein is b r o k e — and says whatever will garner him a paycheck. Get a clue, get a grip, and, get over it.

  2. Cherubim

    Love you, and to quote your Dad, Michael Jackson: “Love is what is important.”

  3. happybirthdayprinncemichaeljryor dad is liking donw on youe love dee

  4. Ashley

    Happy birthday Michael Jr. I feel old today. LOL

  5. Jai

    Happy B day Prince…folks will speculate on everything…so be it, they are legally his
    kids…there you have it ! Folks need to respect others opinion…it’s just that, an opinion.
    Interesting how some folks take comments personally…get a life!

  6. unprofessional

    Was it really necessary to add in the lies from klein on Prince’s birthday. Ask prince himself(he’s on twitter) He will tell you he is biracial and Michael jackson is his father.

    I will no longer be visiting this site

  7. Ashley

    I think it is terrible that this website allows awful comments about innocent children. There are plenty of blogs out there that, unfortunately, allow that. One would think a website about babies and children would not allow such hate and hostility. Children are not their parents, so whatever you may think of a celeb, don’t take it out on their children.

  8. Ebby

    Can’t people leave comments about his children without discussing their paternity? Like, wtf?

  9. squid12

    Well, MJ Jr. inherited MJ’s vitiligo — covered by CBS and ABC news in 2010, with photos — so everybody needs to stop with the Arnold Klein BS (dude is broke; he’ll say anything for money).

  10. Ashley

    Just saw that Prince will be interviewing the cast of Oz the Great and Powerful tomorrow night on ET.

  11. anon

    He should change his last name to Klein instead. He’s not a Jackson.

  12. MJJ fan

    I think that he is a Jackson matter what he looks like.

  13. MJJ fan

    Me and my sis think he is cute.

  14. MJJ fan #2

    I love Michael and prince and no matter what happens to them
    They soil easily be pointed out in my book.

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