ToddleWood Dresses Children Like Celebrities: Creepy or Cute?

Is the above image creepy or cute? That’s what our spinoff site, HerScoop, is asking.

HerScoopWelcome to the ToddleWood project, ladies

and gentlemen. To celebrate the current awards season, former advertising executive-turned-photographer Tricia Messeroux is recreating the stars’ looks for kids with outfits mimicking the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, George Clooney, Adele, Justin Timberlake, Halle Berry and Taylor Swift.


With MTV calling these photos “so perfect, darling, and innocent,” and EW saying the child models are “cute competition” for the real-life celebs, we’re not so convinced.

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  1. maryf

    Bloody creepy, someone should give the parents a talking to.!

  2. Evolet

    Creepy, disgusting and ridiculous.

  3. Mary

    This is sick, children should be dressed and treated as children, not adult sex symbols. This is beyond grotesque! No wonder we have so many creepy people in this world

  4. Amy

    Why?? WHY this (somewhat) recent new fad of dressing up small children-who really have no voice of there own to stand up against the adults subjecting to this-as ‘cool’ litte adults?? It’s not “cute” or “darling” at all. And it’s not just done for professional photo shoots like this either-as if that’s not bad enough. All one has to do is browse through public pictures on IG or other photo sharing sites and you will inevitably come across uncomfortable photos of little ones dressed in traditionally ‘adult’ styles of designer clothes, shoes and/or accesories being made to pose in ridiculous fashion (blowing kisses with hands on hips, legs jutting out, making ‘duckface’, etc.) These are not things that children naturally do and the fact that the adults who should be protecting their innocence/childhood are behind it is unsettling. We need to stop this socially accepted over sexulization of kids or even just the supposedly “funny” suggestion if it. Shame on the parents who do it because they think it’s “cute”.

  5. Marianne

    Why don’t you just let the kids be kids? I know kids like to play dress-up but please don’t make them mini adults.

  6. Lya

    Come on… This is adorable! Why are you all freaking out ???
    There is something wrong with you, not with these cute photos.
    What the hell is wrong with all of you who criticize these fun shots.
    Get your panties out of your ass. This is just for fun.
    The photographer had a great idea. I love it.

  7. kelly

    I don’t really see anything offensive about the above picture. Now if they have them in outfits from the Globes that were revealing, or posing in some sort of provocative pose, then that would be creepy and wrong, but based on just the one picture above, I think its kind of cute. The little girl is absolutely adorable!!

  8. lyn

    Creepy as hell!! Very upsetting and the parents need to get a clue as to what they are presenting to their daughters as the ideal. I find this extremely upsetting. I will never understand why children cannot JUST be children, what the hell is the blanking rush to look older and act older???? I can’t even type correctly right now because this upsets me so much.

  9. kelly

    I really don’t see the creepy factor in the above picture?!? Now if these kids were being dressed like this on a daily basis, or was a child of one of those creepy pageant parents, or dressed to look like lady Gaga, or posing provocatively, I could see getting up in arms. I just don’t see a one time glamour photo shoot being so atrocious. I think what makes it a little disturbing is sharing the photo with millions of complete strangers. Nothing wrong with a fun photo shoot one day out of the rest of the 364 days of being a normal kid!!

  10. lola

    The U.S is a country of extreme ambiguous morals. On one side it’s prude as hell. A man who looks at a woman with lustrous eyes is almost considered a sex offender. But on the other hand kids (especially girls) are being dressed up as grownups; they put makeup on them and make them just as sexually attractive as grown woman.
    That’s just disturbing!

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