Beyoncé: I Gained 57 Pounds During Pregnancy

In an upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé reveals she wasn’t exactly feeling her bootylicious self after giving birth to daughter Blue, now 13 months.

“I did a show three months after giving birth, which was crazy,” the pop superstar told the talk show queen on Next Chapter. “I had clearly never given birth, and I didn’t know that I would gain 60 pounds—57 pounds.”

The Halo singer went on to talk about her relationship with husband, rap superstar Jay-Z.

“I would not be the woman I am if I did not go home to that man,” she gushed. “It just gives me such a foundation.”

Continuing that he encourages her “on so many levels,” the Grammy Award-winner says friendship is their foundation.

“We were friends first,” she said. “Before we went on any dates, we were on the phone for a year and a half. That foundation is so important in a relationship. Just to have someone that you just like is so important — and someone that is honest!”

It sounds like life couldn’t get any better for the gorgeous new mom. “I feel so fortunate to do my job. I love my job,” she shared. “I love singing. I love the way it feels.”

For more of Beyoncé’s interview, tune in to Oprah’s Next Chapter this Sunday at 8 p.m. on OWN.

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I love Beyonce and she always looks amazing, but her hair looks a little fried in this picture.




“I had clearly never given birth”

And you still haven’t Beyonce.

I am not some crazy “hater” – I’m a big fan of her music, she’s extremely talented, beautiful and seemingly a very kind person – but the evidence clearly mounts up to the fact that she did not carry nor give birth to a baby.
Her baby is 100% hers, whether it was born via surrogate or adopted – she needs to be confident in that and proud in her motherhood – not ashamed and lying to people.


Well I won’t go on to say that she did or didn’t give birth as I’m not in her life but it’s kind of hard to keep that all a secret and not get caught or have someone slip the tongue. I will however agree I’ve seen things that made the pregnancy somewhat shady. But I take it all with a grain of salt bc people on the internet love conspiracy theories and can dock up any kind of photos. I think it was the interview w/ B. Walters though that had me thinking maybe she was lying.


Could someone in her entourage please tell or ask her to stop talking about her ‘pregnancy?’ I, for one, am so tired of hearing her talk and talk and talk about her pregnancy, her birth, her baby being her ‘homey,’ etc. I truly think it’s a case of her talking too much to try and ‘prove’ to everyone that she really did carry and give birth to her baby (not!).


I don’t buy that she “gained” 57 pounds. I have no idea whether she was pregnant or not, but if she did, she sure as heck did not look like she gained that much.


Not sure of what Beyonce would gain from falsely claiming to have had her own child. What nerve, she wants us to believe she gave birth to her own biological child?


it’s not like gaining 57lbs for a first or first successful pregnancy is unheard of. those of you saying Beyonce faked her pregnancy are conspiracy theorists. unless you’ve had a miscarriage yourself or watched a loved one experience one or multiple ones or threatened ones as Paul Newman opted out of the NY & Los Angeles premieres of Twilight his detective flick to be with his daughter Melissa when she had had a threatened miscarriage during her 2nd pregnancy some four decades after her mum had suffered a late term-missed miscarriage shortly after their wedding

mrs. trumbell

ummm paul newman did not bow out of the twilight premiere to be with his daughter bc of her miscarriages. he “bowed out” because he was DEAD. he died in september of that year after being very sick for a long time and knowing that he was dying, and that stupid movie wasn’t even released until november.


Not to defend Courtney’s lunacy by any means as we all know shes a nut job but I believe she is referring to his movie that was released in the late nineties.


Just ignore the conspiracy theorists. Obviously the woman gave birth but even a bare pregnancy stomach on the beach isn’t enough to satisfy them or any of the other evidence. I think Beyonce has moved on from this ridiculous speculation by a not overly bright few who actually do believe she gave birth but now to save face will say to their dying breath that she faked a pregnancy.


I get that exact same “pregnancy stomach” when I go out in a bathing suit after eating too much.
If Beyonce has indeed moved on from all of the conspiracy theories surrounding her alleged pregnancy and birth then why does she continue to talk about it and feel the need to defend herself a year after the fact?
As someone mentioned, the more she talks the more suspicious she seems.

mrs. trumbell

omg that is the biggest lie she’s told yet! and that’s really saying something, considering how often she tells them!!

I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t think she carried her baby either. If she gained almost sixty pounds, why didn’t her face blow up? Even at the end of her pregnancy, her face was as skinny and normal looking as ever. That’s not normal. Anyone who’s ever been pregnant knows that your face gets bloated towards the end. And if she gained 60 pounds, how did she squeeze into that tight red dress two weeks after giving birth? It took me two weeks just to lose 20 pounds of water weight after I gave birth. It just… Read more »
Get a life

People, please stop hating. If you don’t like her then why are you here. Just shut the f up and go on with your own pathetic lives.


Yet you’re commenting too, so your life must be even more pathetic.

Tommi Girl

I was wit you be but 57 pounds is hard to hide. It does not just go to your stomach and butt when people gain 15 pounds it shows (remember your dc bootylicious days). If you had gained that much weight you would have been huge. And I mean Huge. Not buying that one