Beyonce Shows Off Blue Ivy In New Documentary

It’s Blue Ivy!

Beyonce shows off her beautiful daughter in her new documentary Life Is But A Dream, which is set to air on HBO on Saturday, February 16.

A screenshot from the film shows the ‘Halo’ singer and her adorable baby girl, who celebrated her first birthday just last month.

This is the first good glimpse of Blue since the very first photos shared by Beyonce and Jay-Z after her birth. Her protective parents have kept her far from the spotlight until now, shielding her face when out in public and in family photos posted to their respective web sites.

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  • Stacy

    Very cute!

  • Someone

    She is super cute! It’s nice to finally see her adorable little face. Beyond looks so happy

    • Someone

      Haha darn autocorrect

  • What a gorgeous little baby Blue is! Lovely picture and worth the wait 🙂

  • Evolet

    She’s like her dad with a cutest nose.

  • Anonymous

    All I will say is she looks like her father….just what I thought.

  • Gloria

    HMMM … Baby is adorable … However this would not have nothing to do with her upcoming “Mrs. Carter” tour … The Documentary premier tomorrow and her sit down with Oprah tomorrow ???? LOL

    • Zar55

      well it does have connection, and thats normal, it’s her job to do that and promote herself so i don’t understand where is the problem of her being out in the media before her project starts 🙂 peace

      • Gloria

        Never said it was an issue… love her and the baby is sooo yummy … I just was stating the obvious and being funny

  • Anonymous

    Very cute. Looks very much like Jay Z, especially around the mouth.

  • Mary

    She is such a beautiful little girl! Happy to see her from the front – very very pretty

  • Elektra

    Such a gorgeous little sweetheart! So precious!

  • Jessica

    She is beautiful! Why hide her face all the time? She is precious!

  • She looks just like jay-z which is a terrible thing. Jay is. a very unattractive man.

    • Meghan

      That baby is beautiful.

    • Mary

      He isn’t awful looking, just not David Beckham. But she looks like her dad and that isn’t a bad thing, men can make gorgeous little girls and her features will not grow into exactly like her dad, just similiar which will make her a very beautiful young lady.

  • mimi

    Why do people HATE so much? That is a beautiful baby. She looks like both parents, but mostly Beyonce. Btw, she can show her baby to the world or not show her. It is HER BUSINESS AND HER RIGHT.

    • Jessica

      People aren’t complaining because they weren’t showing her, they were complaining about how they kept showing them pictures of the baby but not of her face.. It started to be annoying and creepy. Either don’t show pictures of your kid or show a proper pic if you decide to.

  • Marie

    In her first pic when she was a newborn she looked Beyonce. Now she’s starting to look like Jay-z. She’s gorgeous!

  • nicole

    she’s lovely!B,don’t hide her anymore 😉

  • Scooter

    Daddy’s cheeks for sure.

  • Sylvie

    she is so beautiful, she is the perfect combination of JayZ and Beyonce 🙂

  • Meliss

    Yummers!!! She is yummy. She actually looks kind of like my little munchkin, curly hair and all. Delish!

    • anon

      Delish? Yummy? Yummers? Really, that’s annoying.

  • Anonymous

    She is too precious for words. She does look just like Jay Z(not good). But the good news is that, she inherited her fathers features, and her mothers beauty. Same thing with Billy Joel and Chritstie Brinkley’s adult daughter Alexa. She looks just like Billy (also not good), but she’s still beautiful like Christie. Go figure. Genes are weird. Hopefully baby Blue will be as lucky. So far so good though.

    • Mary

      Perfect comment. both girls didn’t look IDENTICAL to their dads, they inherited parts which for them being girls made them beautiful. this baby is adorable and I cannot imagine what life is like for her being a daddy’s girl in that house!

  • anonymous

    she is adorable

  • What a super adorable girl! I think she is the perfect mix of both parents!
    She looks a bit like Ellen Pompeo’s daughter Stella!

  • Veep

    OMG! She is perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Adorable? Gorgeous? Perfect? She LOOKS just like her ugly father.

    • Veep

      This child has beautifully shaped eyes, stunning eyebrows, a button nose, skin like butter, and a head full of thick curly hair.

      Can you not see that?

      And her good features are the kind that will not change with time: eye-shape, brow-shape, and skin-type. Don’t know how her hair will turn out or if her smile will be beautiful. But, for now, all I see of her is lovely.

  • Anonymous

    A button nose? That’s her fathers wide nose and imagine what that will look like as she gets older. She’s okay looking for now but as she grows into those features……

  • Adrienne

    eh. she’s just not cute. Save your how dare you say/feel/etc that way but its true.

    • Lana

      Even if you think it’s true it’s still an opinion. Despite how highly you may think of yourself, your word is not gospel to anyone.

  • Jenn

    Awww she’s a little cutie!! So glad we finally get to see her face 🙂

  • Lisa

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, too, too cute. Blue Ivy is absolutely adorable. I’m not going to lie Blue Ivy looks like Kelly Rowland. Well her and Beyonce are cousins. Those definitely are some strong family genes they are working with. lol! Beautiful little girl. And yes Beyonce looks extremely happy and at peace. There is a certain glow about her.

  • Jennifer

    She looks so much like her Daddy! Nice to finally see her sweet little face!

  • Anon

    Pretty baby; looks like her mother (to me) and her grandmother (Tina) Glad to finally see her, seeing the back of her head was annoying.

  • Anonymous

    OMG she looks like Jay. Imagine what that face is going to look like when her features start filling out. Poor kid.

  • Amanda

    Beautiful is NOT the first word that comes to mind….

  • LaKesha

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Eliza

    Haha…why is everyone saying she looks like her dad?? She is the spitting image of Beyonce!!!! She is probably the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!

  • Margaret

    You people are retarded. You get your panties all in a knot because you’ve never seen her face since she was born, and have hated on her so much, now you get your way and she’s angelic and beautiful beyond words? I think not. Get a freakin life, Beyonce probably snagged someones elses baby for the show while her fugly dumpling sat on the side.

  • maegan

    I cannot believe some of you.First you all moan, rage and complain about how Beyonce would never show her child’s face and now that she has so many of you have nothing kind to say! What horrible, shallow people you must be to be able to call a 13 month old baby ugly. YOU are the ugly ones.

    And quite honestly what are you complaining about?? You wanted to see Blue Ivy? Well, here she is; a normal, beautiful, happy looking baby. If you’ve all nothing nice to say then say nothing at all, especially in regards to children. Beyonce and Jay-Z can handle your nasty words and attitudes, they are used to it. But a child should not have to.

    And to those of you calling her names and her baby ugly? Grow up. Get a life. Be kind to one another….

  • Madame Joy

    Seems celebrities can only shield their babies for so long…

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