Vanessa Lachey’s Valentine’s Letter To Son

In a special Valentine’s Day post on her new blog, new mom Vanessa Lachey, 32, declares her love for her son Camden, 5 months, with husband Nick Lachey, via a letter from her personal journal.

“When I got married, I started a journal for mine and Nick’s kids to read as they got older,” she writes. “I wrote about how Nick proposed, our wedding, our first home as a family, our adventures together, and how we are as people and as a couple…”

She added: “Once I got pregnant, I started writing letters to our unborn baby. I would tell him how loved he is, and how excited I am to share EVERYTHING in the world with him. Then, once he was born, the letters grew into telling him how grateful we are to have him in our lives…I know he won’t understand it now, but that’s the beauty of a journal! It’s a book we will have forever as a family.”

“And when I look back and read all my past entries, I get excited about the ones to come, who the pages will be filled up with, and what memories we will make as a family,” the proud mom continues.

And she hopes for a life of love for her sweet son.

“I hope whoever you are with and whatever you are doing this Valentine’s Day, you can take a moment to write down how you feel and what you’re thinking,” she shares. “A year or 10 years from now, when you read it, you will be so happy you did. Thanks for all the Love you continue to show my family and me! We are very appreciative of you ALL! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

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  1. Ano

    Sorry but he’s not cute.

  2. Tiffany

    He’s gorgeous!!! Kind of looks like a baby Taylor Lautner lol

  3. Amy

    What a perfect beautiful little guy! He really looks just like Nick-Vanessa has even said that he has his dad’s bright blue eyes!-but I see a little bit of his mom in there too 🙂

  4. Rosy

    They made a gorgeous wee boy, great genes on both sides

  5. Amanda

    He looks like a little doll 🙂 So cute!

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