Royals Call Kate Middleton’s Bikini Bump Photos “Breach Of Privacy”

The first glimpse of Kate Middleton‘s baby bump has sparked quite a bit of controversy. Published in Italian tabloid Chi, the paparazzi pics show a bikini-clad Kate strolling with her husband Prince William while on their recent babymoon in Mustique.

Declaring the photos a breach of the expectant parents’ privacy, the palace issued the following statement: “We are disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas. This is a clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy.”

While most mainstream media outlets seemed to agree, choosing not to publish the pictures, Chi‘s editor in chief Alfonso Signorini defends the decision to run them.

“We cannot talk about a violation of privacy when we publish pictures of public people in a public place. The photographs of Kate and William were bought from an international photo agency,” he told US Weekly. “You can’t compare this with the media persecution of Lady Diana. I cannot stress enough that the photos were taken in a public place, not private property.”

What do you think?

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  1. A

    It isn’t the same as photos of someone who has put themselves in the public eye, she fell in love with someone who has an obligation that makes them a public figure. These particular pictures are not like those of Princess Diana, but the point is, the palace is trying to stop history repeating itself. The media should be respectful of their privacy, I’m sure they will release official pictures, it’s a compromise, but it seems a good idea to me.

  2. smH

    He’s got a point — it was a public place and no one forced her to wear a bikini for god’s sake.

  3. Anonymous

    If she doesn’t like it, then stay the heck on royal property. On holiday? When exactly do they work?Their entire lives are holidays with appearances in between. European austerity hasn’t affected there lives…… has it.

  4. Anonymous

    I think they were on a private Island, rather than a public beach, so I can see where the Royals are coming from.

  5. coco

    Private island or not, if she goes to the seaside she must expect to be photographed. I found insulting the pictures of her taking when she was changing her costume on a private balcony, but if she’s strolling on the beach with her husband it’s perfectly fine..
    Besides, what’s wrong with seeing a woman in a bikini at the seaside?

  6. PJ

    To be clear: Mustique is a private island BUT the pics were taken by a fellow beach goer on one of its PUBLIC beaches. This situation couldn’t be further from the topless pics situation in which Will & Kate were photographed on the balcony of a private residence by a professional photog with a long angle lense.

    I’ve-as have many others-grown reallt tired of the British royal family treating Kate Middleton with kid gloves as if she’s a precious child that all media outlets (across the world!!) and the general public must go out of their way to “protect”. And the love of God Kate defenders: PLEASE STOP with all the absurd Diana comparisons/references. Diana was still a teenager at just 19 when she married Charles and yet still somehow managed to take on full time charitable duties almost immediately afterward which eventually became her life’s passion. Kate is in her 30s and still lives life as if its one big ongoing shopping excurtion/vacation with a few charitable duties thrown in every now and then for good PR. William isn’t much better either; something tells me that the other RAF search & rescue pilots don’t get to take time off whenever they please to go on holiday…

  7. Anonymous

    Regardless if the beach was public or private, what people need to understand is that Kate Middleton is now a member of the Royal Family. In England, we do not view our Royals as we do celebrities.
    Although I personally think we should treat everybody in the spotlight the same (e.g. If we can publish pics of Kim Kardashian in a bikini, then the British media should publish pics of the Royals), but that is not how many other British people think, and that is why there is such an uproar over here at the minute.
    I understand that the Royal Family are not happy with the publication, but I don’t agree.

    • coco

      Ok, but things need to evolve, to adapt to modern days.
      I think that there’s nothing wrong if people sees her at the seaside in a bikini. It’s normal, all women do it. It’s not like Harry’s nude Vegas scandal: that was probably a breach of privacy, but if she goes to a public place doing nothing private, but something that everybody does, there’s nothing shameful in publishing the pictures..

  8. Anabelle

    God, I hate the Royals and their stupid whining about having their picture taken. It seems it’s ok to have paparazzi of them entering a hospital to visit sick children, when, of course, they can use it to say, “Look how great we are”, but it’s not ok at other times when it doesn’t benefit them. I wish the Royal family would just disappear.

  9. Susan Weber

    I don’t get it. If she walks a public beach on a private island she’s fair game. Don’t get me wrong I do think she needs her privacy, but what’s the problem? She’s pregnant, she’s famous and she’s a Royal. Take the photo!

  10. Will pound you hard susan weber and nut all over you and in you you whont want me to stop baby hit me up asap

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