Kim Kardashian’s Fit Pregnancy

Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian was photographed at Tracy Anderson Studios in Studio City, Calif. on Friday (February 15). While leaving the gym, the expectant reality star looked curvy and radiant in her all black workout gear.

“Just had the best Tracy Anderson workout!!! I love starting my day with a good workout!” Kim tweeted later that same day.

The day before, Kim was seen at the gym and later enjoying Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend Kanye West. The brunette beauty stopped for frozen yogurt to fend off her pregnancy cravings while her beau waited in his black Lamborghini.

“She’s following the pregnancy project, and she is doing a great job,” Tracy said of her A-list client.

“She’s fun, she really likes the muscular structure,” the celebrity trainer added. “She doesn’t love to do the dance part, but she’s a really smart girl and she knows that you’re going to get out what you put in.”

But don’t expect Kim to lose those famous curves.

“She’s got like a very iconic sexy body, she’s not somebody that I would want to take her amazing curves and turn it into something emaciated,” Tracy said. “She’s such a hot girl so it’s like, let’s keep that body like that!”

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  • HDP

    Is that main picture photshopped?
    Her hip looks incredibly pointy.
    Gorgeous girl, well done to her for keeping fit during pregnancy. Very unfortunate shaped body though, very out of proportion.

  • coco

    I wouldn’t call it “fit”. Her face is pretty without makeup, though.
    Really, a lot prettier without makeup than with it.

  • SMH

    She’s expanding the wrong way!!

  • Mary

    She is incredibly beautiful and I certainly hope this baby favors her, but I feel for her, it appears she is going to spread during this pregancy. Some are lucky to fill straight out, but I think she is going to be very wide. Good for her for working out during this pregnancy so she can hopefully pop back into her shape.

  • Ano

    Last week she had a bump, but it’s gone now? Weird.

  • ms. heart

    no make-up ? hahahah. she is in full regalia, fake eyelashes, base, primer, eyebrows done, hair extensions, to distract from her ever-so-expanding balloon she calls a body.
    seriously, let’s remember what put her on the map, getiing p… on by a guy with a crooked d… thank you very much.

  • Lisa

    With or without makeup Kim is absolutely breathtaking. Is is just me or do her hips looks extremely disproportionate to the rest of her body? I think that her butt implant is starting to shift.

    • amanda

      Absolutely breathtaking? Really, have you never googled Kim Kardashian plastic surgery? She is pretty now with help of a well skilled doctor.There is a picture out there when she was a teenager in jean shorts and a bikini top and she has a very big nose. Unfortunatley for her baby it won’t inherit the after.

  • Margaret

    Geez, the workouts aren’t working, Kim. Slap a wide load sign on that behind.

  • Gretchen

    Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the pointy hip is clearly her jacket, never the less, she is smuggling some ciabatta rolls in those hips!

  • Snoopy

    She is huge and does not look good. I don’t care who she is.

  • Anonymous

    She’s got the weirdest body ever.

  • Anonymous

    She could really use some new bras.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty soon, if not already, she’s really gonna be regretting those butt implants of hers.

  • AJ

    Good God, you people are vapid. Hiding ciabatta rolls? Do you have kids? Have fun in a few years when you have to deal with the fallout of your own kids speaking like that. No wonder so many people have eating disorders and warped body images.

  • Katie

    I’m sure this statement is going to make some people mad (sorry) but I would hate to be her shape to begin with and then add pregnancy on to it. Those hip bones are gonna spread even wider and her chest is probably going to be so uncomfortable, and the butt I’m not even gonna go there! She will not be an attractive pregnant lady as it goes on. Sorry I know people of every shape get pregnant everyday, all pregnancies are beautiful, blah, blah, blah…but seriously.

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