Jennifer Garner Picks Up Her Precious Cargo

Hands-on mama Jennifer Garner was snapped pinking up her 7-year-old-daughter Violet from school in Santa Monica, Calif. on Friday (February 15).

Attending the Baftas last week with her husband Ben Affleck, the 40-year-old Butter star impressed onlookers with her toned physique and sculpted arms.

‘I work out every day that I can with my trainer,” she says. ‘”We use 5lb to 8lb weights and do a little cardio. I try to go for a run when I can.”

Jennifer and Ben are also parents to 4-year-old Seraphina and nearly 1-year-old Samuel.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Anonymous

    What school does she go to that lets the students wear pajamas?

    • Mary

      Schools have pajama days, maybe they had movie day or book reading day not only is she wearing her pj’s, she is carrying a doll and a pillow so obviously it was a special day at school. It happens all across America, my daughters spirit week in high school had one too

  • May

    Just out of curiosity: does her school allow pajamas? I’m not judging in any way, but my four-year-old’s preschool has a pretty strict dress code, and there’s no way a child would get into the classroom in pajamas. Particularly, I don’t know any schools that would allow that outfit.

  • BuckyBoyd

    It was probably pajama day. In my school district growing up we always had one pajama day a year. (As we as a bunch of other themes throughout the year).

  • Jen

    Growing up in my private school, you could earn coupons for various helpful things you did or accomplished and when you got to 10, you could go down to the front office and turn them in for a free dress day! It was such a great incentive for kids to favor good behavior. I was always smart and would collect all of mine and wait until the last week of school to cash them all in. It was my own little beginning of summer treat to myself, so I didn’t have to wear a uniform the last week. We also had a week of special days with different themes, one being pajama day and it was everyone’s favorite.

    The photos I’ve seen of Violet leaving school are usually in a uniform, so this was likely a special day for kids to dress casually or in pajamas. Good for them!

  • Emily

    I’m guessing by the fact that she is carrying a fuzzy blanket/pillow and a crown, that it was likely a scheduled for the kids to wear pajamas to school instead of their uniforms!

  • Anon

    My grandkids have PJ Day, and Dr. Zeus Day (Cat in the Hat clothing) and a couple of other days that I have yet to understand. Wish we had done fun things like that when I was a child.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’m too old but I thought things like this were done in nursery school or kindergarten. But at 7 years old? She’s got to be in the 2nd grade, no?

    • anonymous

      My daughters middle school has Pajama day twice a year. the teens love it. Just have to stay within the dress code. They do spirit week and have a different theme everyday. The elementary school does it too.

  • Daisy

    My 6th grade daughter’s school has the kids in uniforms & the day before Christmas break, they were able to wear pajamas & the class watched a movie & enjoyed snacks. Not a huge deal – just a chance to enjoy some casual attire. Not something to make a huge deal over.

  • Anonymous

    I remember having PJ day in the early years of elementary school.

  • Hope

    Seriously guys!? Is it worth that much discussion talking about her pajamas? She’s a kid, there could have been pajama day at her school, you don’t know the circumstances so stop trying to guess & let it be!

  • Anonymous

    Hope, what crawled up your stink hole?

  • megan

    I was expecting people to be complaining that Jen has a jacket on and Violet doesnt..

  • They have to be the most photographed family in hollywood. It has to unhealthy and they don’t seem to trying to protect them in anyway. God, Jen and Ben try to protect your kids. I hope Violet and Seraphina don’t think the paps are their friends.I really believe Ben is using his perfect family image to score higher awards. The voters love the perfect wholesome family man.

    • anon

      I agree. I think they are going for the ‘perfect family’ look. Ben has even admitted in the past that he doesn’t like being at home, but now lately he is pictured with them almost every day. If they didn’t want photographed so much they could make a few changes. Like buy a coffee maker or don’t take the kids for the daily coffee run. But I think it has something to do with the awards and maybe politics. Hasn’t he expressed an interest in that before?

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