Ricky Schroder & Daughter Co-Star In ‘Our Wild Hearts’

The entire Schroder family helped create the film, Our Wild Hearts, airing March 9 on the Hallmark Movie Channel. Ricky Schroder and his wife of 22 years, designer Andrea Schroder, co-wrote the script, with Rick directing and co-starring opposite their 16-year-old daughter Cambrie. The couple’s three other children – Holden, 21, Luke, 20, and Faith, 11 – were also involved in the upcoming film.

Ricky opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about working with his family on the movie, calling the experience a dream come true. He goes on to talk about his kids’ future in the family business and his plans for future projects.

CBS: We hear there’s big news from Ricky Schroder Productions! Tell us all about co-writing and starring in Our Wild Hearts — a film costarring the entire Schroder family.

RS: “Yes, big news! All our kids are getting older and are getting more curious about the business, so Andrea and I thought that writing a family movie where everyone could participate and work together would be a nice, safe way to teach them.

Everyone participated more than on screen. Holden, our oldest son, did all the digital camera transfer work, Luke added humor to his character, Cambrie worked on her own wardrobe, Faith and her friends watched the first edits and gave us tons of feedback. It was definitely a family effort. Lots of fun.”

CBS: We hear the entire project was inspired by your oldest daughter Cambrie. Tell us more.

RS: “Cambrie has wanted to act for a long time and we waited until she was older and was truly serious. So she worked with Andrea and came up with a good concept, proving to me that she was serious. The timing was right, I guess. Cambrie has her pulse on what is important to a teenage girl, and her opinions and ideas were great. Cambrie worked hard and came to set prepared every day. She is awesome!”

CBS: Luke made his acting debut in A Mile in His Shoes. What’s up next for him? And what about the rest of your kids? 

RS: “Luke is a natural actor and entertainer in general. All our kids are in full-time school, and that is really where we want their focus to be for now. Everyone is open to working in front of the camera and assisting behind. Holden and Luke are an integral part of Ricky Schroder Productions. ”

CBS: “When did you notice that all of your kids caught the acting bug? Are you OK with this? Are you worried about the child star curse?

RS: “Our kids won’t have the child star curse because they are older now. Cambrie and Faith, our two girls, are the most eager to act in the future. Faith just did a little part on Disney’s Shake It Up, and then returned to her regular school the next week. It’s not something we are pushing or purposely resisting.”

CBS: Will you be working on more family projects in the future? More film? TV? 

RS: “It would be my dream to make more family movies. I’d love to produce more film and more television. It’s all on the table. I love working with my family, so if it includes them, even better!”

CBS: Andrea, we hear you have a regular segment on the Hallmark show Home & Family. Tell us all about it.

AS: “When we met with Hallmark for Our Wild Hearts, they told me about Home & Family. I blurted out that I love everything about the home and family. I have a background in design and obviously family, and so I am perfect for the show and love it.

My last segment was about creating that ‘sacred space in your home’ and I received a lot of great and positive feedback from viewers. I also learn so much every time I go on the show and hope to continue to work with Hallmark.”

CBS: How is Holden doing these days? Is he still recovering from his traumatic brain injury?

RS: “Holden is great! He is a full-time college student. He liked the acting, but really got into doing the digital transfer behind the scenes.”

CBS: How do the two of you keep the romance alive after all these years?

RS: “We keep the big picture in mind all the time and try to be grateful more than anything. It also helps that we are totally attracted to each other. We are stronger together.”

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