Courtney Lopez: “Mario & I Are Over The Moon”

Already parents to 2-year-old daughter GiaMario Lopez and Courtney Lopez are expanding their family. The newlyweds announced on Extra Tuesday that their second child is on the way, while giving away beautiful bedding by Carousel Designs with Hollywood insider GG Benitez.

Courtney opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about feeling “wonderful” and “over the moon” about their baby on-the-way. She goes on to talk about her pregnancy cravings, planning on a surprise delivery, and her prenatal fitness program.

CBS: Congratulations on your second pregnancy! How are you feeling? Any weird cravings?

CL: “Thank you so much. Mario and I are over the moon! I feel wonderful. I’ve been craving a lot of fruit and Captain Crunch cereal.”

CBS: Were you pregnant at your December wedding? If so, were you feeling OK on your big day?

CL: “I was not pregnant at my wedding. Perhaps this is a honeymoon baby!”

CBS: When are you due? Are you going to find out the gender?

CL: “I’m due at the very end of summer. Hopefully the baby doesn’t come on Gia’s birthday (September 11). We are not finding out the gender of any of our babies – it’s so much fun that way.”

CBS: Tell us about doing the giveaway with Carousel Designs on Extra.

CL: “It was such an honor to have Carousl Designs do a giveaway at Extra. It was a perfect combination to announce our baby and give away a product I love.”

CBS: Are you working on a prenatal fitness program?

CL: “I have a wonderful trainer, Angela Copland, who knows exactly what I need during this time. I work out with her 4 times a week and I try to take long walks on the other days.”

CBS: Are you concerned about losing the baby weight quickly once the baby arrives?

CL: “I was pretty lucky losing the baby weight the first time. I lost everything and a little more only 3 months after Gia was born. I hope and pray I’m as lucky the second time around.”

CBS: With Earth Day coming up, what are some of the ways you teach Gia to be eco-friendly?

CL: “We are teaching Gia how important it is to recycle. We also just changed our whole house to LED lights.”

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Carousel Designs

  • anon

    sorry but they make ugly children. I guess money can’t buy everything.

    • Ainslee

      You must be jealous because you are not attractive. Gia is very cute, absolutely adorable.

  • Anonymous

    His body language in every photo I’ve ever seen of them speaks VOLUMES. He is never ‘engaged’ with Courtney and is always either ignoring her completely or standing next to her like a brother. It’s just so odd.

  • Mia

    Gia is cute.

  • eliz

    i totally agree w/ anonymous… he is SO vain and self centered.. she’s some ex broadway wannabe who clearly got preggers on purpose (the 1st time).. i hardly doubt he’s a good husband/loving father when the cameras aren’t there.. he cheated on his first wife days after they were married!

    • Anonymous

      Actually, I believe he cheated at his bachelor party.

      • Guest

        Yes, he did cheat at his Bachelor Party. What scum! and his new wife is no prize either…..Can we say B?

  • D.L.

    Nice to hear that she slimmed down quickly after having Gia. This sets a good example for others, to be healthy. She looks really good now.

  • Guest

    I bet she wasn’t pregnant on her wedding day! Right! Bet that baby comes at the end of August! Courtney has already had breast augmentation and lipo (google it) so what is next? Let me just say she is annoying, needy and she can go away with the Kardashians. Can’t stand her and Mario could have done so much better. What is sad is I believe Mario is so proud he reproduced that he has to constantly kiss her stomach in every picture, and yes, he cheated on Ali Landry before the wedding, at his Bachelor party. Douchebag and they are both famewhores.

  • Guest

    Courtney smiles like the Joker in “Batman”……..just sayin. Not an attractive look….

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