The Lylas Debut ‘Come Back’

If you haven’t heard of The Lylas yet, you will soon. In their single/video debut, the siblings of hitmaker Bruno Mars wow with Come Back, a collaboration between the four sisters – Presley, Tiara, Jaime, and Tahiti.

The Lylas open up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about how they came up with their first song. They go on to talk about their brother’s best advice for making it in the music industry, and growing up in Hawaii in a “loving family and paradise.” Two of the members – Jaime and Tahiti – go on to talk about their children and balancing work and motherhood.

CBS: Tell us all about your single/video debut Come Back. We love the song! Who wrote it? How did come to decide on this song as your debut?

The Lylas: “Come Back was a collaboration between the sisters and writers Jacob Lutrell and Davey Garner – Davey and Jacob channeled their inner femininity.

In the song, we are admitting (which we will never do again) that we were wrong and we want ‘him’ back. We combined all of our past experiences when writing it. It was heartfelt and seemed right for our debut.”

CBS: The four of you are sisters, AND your brother is Bruno Mars! Give us an idea of what your childhood was like growing up in Hawaii.

The Lylas: “Growing up in Hawaii was a dream childhood. Full of music, beach and family. We are so fortunate to have come from a talented, loving family and paradise.”

CBS: What are some of the values your parents instilled in all of you to succeed in the music industry?

The Lylas: “Be you, be strong and practice.”

CBS: What is the best advice Bruno has given you about breaking into the music industry, and succeeding beyond one big hit?

The Lylas: “Be you, love what you do, stay grounded, and have good producers and a good lawyer.”

CBS: Jaime, tell us about your kids. What are their names and ages? Do they also enjoy singing?

Jamie: “I have 2 boys: Marley and Jaimo. Marley 14, is an amazing visual artist. His drawings are deep and intricate. He also has a knack for music. Jaimo 7, is a really good drummer. They both have pretty voices although they are very shy when it comes to singing.”

CBS: Jaime, tell us about creating the global charity group Mothers About Making Amends (m.a.m.a. earth). What is it all about? What inspired you to start the charity?

Jaime: “I started m.a.m.a. earth in 2007. Basically, I’m a frustrated artist and I have a lot of creative energy, so m.a.m.a. earth is a good outlet for me to get it out and do good in the world. m.a.m.a. earth is a community organization dedicated to raising an awareness through music, art and nature based programs. Check out the website.”

CBS: Tahiti, tell us about your kids. What are their names and ages? Do they also enjoy singing?

Tahiti: “I have two boys who keep me busy. I have a 3 year old named Nyjah Music and a 2 year old Zyah Rhythm. They are definitely blessed with the music side of the family. They love dancing, singing, playing instruments, and being in the spotlight. They also love to skateboard and surf.”

CBS: Jaime and Tahiti, how do you balance motherhood and your career?

Jaime & Tahiti: “Very carefully. It’s not easy. We are learning that quality far outweighs quantity. Balancing motherhood and our career gets tough, but it’s our children who keep us strong and remind us that we are making them proud. Everything we do is for them.”

CBS: Are The Lylas eco-friendly? If so, how do you all plan to celebrate Earth Day?

The Lylas: “We try be eco-friendly as much as possible. On Earth Day, We plan on spending it with our boys and doing a beach clean up.”

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Photo credit: Courtesy of The Lylas

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  1. Dana

    They seem like lovely people, but I don’t understand why this website is doing promotional interviews like this when there are no celebrity babies involved? Just because they talk about their children in the last two questions doesn’t make this interview relevant.

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