Mindy McCready Faced Losing Custody Of Children Before Death

On Sunday (February 16), troubled country crooner Mindy McCready, 37, was found dead on the porch of her Heber Springs, Ark. home of an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, the same spot where the body of her boyfriend David Wilson – the father of her youngest son Zayne, 10 months – was discovered last month, also with a gunshot wound to the head.

Just days before her apparent suicide, Mindy was served with court papers stating that her two sons Zayne and Zander, 6, be sent to live with her long-estranged mother, plunging her into a world of despair and perhaps pushed her over the edge.

“The most important thing are my babies must come home,” she wrote in an email to her private investigator pal Danno Hanks, who accounts Mindy’s conversation to PEOPLE. “She lost all hope.”

“People talk about a train wreck, but the world lost a real person, a human being, a mother,” says fellow country singer and friend Chely Wright. “I’m praying for her kids.”

Zander’s father is Mindy’s ex Billy McKnight

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  • Anonymous

    Thank God those kids had been removed from that home. She shot the dog before she shot herself; I’ve got a very bad feeling that if those kids had been there, this would have ended as a murder-suicide and not just the suicide.

    • Louise

      No need to paint an even darker picture than what actually happened…

      • Anonymous

        I would normally agree with you, but this article was written as if taking the kids away was the final straw for her and somehow led to her death. It gave me the sense that the writer was blaming her parents for taking the kids instead of applauding them for getting them out of a very dangerous situation. As dark as this situation ended up, it could very well have ended with the death of those children as well, and I thought the writing here was irresponsible.

  • Mimi

    Those kids will no doubt be better off. What a selfish cow.

    • Nicole

      They may be better off in someone else’s care but to call her a selfish cow is uncalled for. The woman is dead and clearly she was troubled. We don’t know what she was going through. Let’s leave the judgment out of this. Children have lost their mother.

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