Orlando Bloom: Kite Flying With Flynn

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr spent the day at the beach with their son Flynn and friends in Mailbu, Calif. on Saturday (February 16). Orlando flew a colorful kite while Flynn looked on holding his bottle.

The day before Miranda had flown in from Sydney, Australia where she did a modeling shoot.

The Victoria’s Secret beauty once told US Weekly that she keeps in touch with Flynn online.

When he’s away from me, we FaceTime and he says “Mommy, dancing!” because I’m always dancing with him. He shakes his little booty and claps his hands with the biggest smile on his face.”


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Photo credit: AKM-GSI


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  1. Ano

    Taking pics of a naked child, they should be ashamed.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree but he’s always naked on the beach and if his parents know what scavengers the paps are they should cover him up.

    • Pippa

      Here is what I dont get . . . why is he naked from the waist down, only? Why is his shirt on, but not bottoms? It doens’t make sense to me. It actually feels a little weird. He is not going in the water, from what I can see. (Many parents take off the diaper and have kids wear nothing when in water because, whats the point? If they pee, its in the water and if you have ever seen a diaper in the water, you know that is a total waste of a diaper.). BUt if he has the shirt on, why wouldn’t you just put the shorts on? Espcially when you know the paps are taking pictures. It’s almost like they are making a point or something. “Here, Finn…….. put on your shirts Honey, its cold (or…”your getting too much sun”) but your dang-a-lang’s not cold (or sunburned) so we will leave the shorts off.”?? Weird.

  3. Mary

    He is just a baby, so I don’t think they worry too much about it. My daughter would get diaper rash and I let her run around without diapers to air out, but always at home. But to each his own. Now, if Orlando would just follow suit and do as his kid does, we could be happy.

  4. Tanisha

    His parents don’t worry much about it but should because he’s being photographed naked and who knows where those pictures could end up.

  5. Pippa

    What’s up with the famous British parents having their kids on the bottle so late. (9-12 months is the suggested time to ween a baby to a sippy cup, unless breastfeeding of course,.) Harper Beckham will be two in July and she is still fully on the bottle. Pictures from yesterday show David holding it while carrying her and it’s filled with…….APPLE JUICE. No wonder she is chubby.Maybe the Brit thing is just a coincidence. And I know Miranda is an Aussie. But Orlando is a Brit, no?
    Anyway, you will all probably say, “Who cares, so what, blah blah.” I really just want to see what otheres think. No need to rip me a new one. Thanks,

    • clair

      I’m not going to rip you a new one… 🙂
      I can honestly say that as a Brit it’s not the norm for this to happen. I think it might just be either a coincidence or just a difference in the way children are raised by different parents.
      I’ve spent a lot of time in the U.S and was surprised at how many children ate muffins and doughnuts for breakfast and other sugary products. When I was a child on holiday in America I always used to ask my mumif I could eat what the American kids were eating but she would make me eat my fruit and yoghurt or cereal.
      Seeing kids eating muffins and doughnuts was a shock to me. I don’t know whether that’s normal breakfast food or just a holiday treat for those kids, or maybe it’s just cultural differences etc.

  6. Scooter

    Orlando Bloom is handsome. What a gorgeous family they make.

  7. Anonymous

    Dana – the picture may be blurred but not the ones the paps got.

  8. Taniesha

    Potty training him? On a beach? I don’t see a potty there. Who wants to walk on the beach and step on a turd…

  9. Jessica

    I don’t understand why this kid never has pants on! It’s not appropriate. At home I can understand but in public?!

  10. Jennifer

    Ok…As an American, I can honestly say that many of us here have seen the portrayl of Brits eating alot of fried foods such as: fish and chips, crisps, scotch eggs, cookies, scones…That is what we mainly hear or see….I am sure that must not be what everyone in Britain eats all the time. And Clair, sugary donuts and cereals may be eaten by some people…but in our family and most of the families I know…they are not. My kids start the day off with a healthy breakfast: oatmeal, turkey bacon, fruit…things like that. As for Orlando’s baby, I think they should have put a little swim diaper on him…esp. with the photographers around. And the bottle, well, my son gave up his bottle at 18 mo. Never looked back… My daughter was 12 mo. They both went straight to sippys. No weight issues keeping the bottle till that time with my son…Oh…and before someone ‘goes there’ too, I nursed my children till about 6 mo. as well. Ok…just putting it all out there!

  11. Leslie

    Why Not let him be naked. The USA in pretty much the only country in the world where people make a big deal out of naked kids at the beach. In Europe it is completely normal for kids to be naked at the beach up to about the age of 4. Let them be free and enjoy it while they can !!

    • anon

      Because some sick peodophile is probably wanking himself to these images.

      • Dana

        Children can die in car accidents too… But no one says not to drive.

        There are many horrible things that can potentially happen in life… But to stop living and restrict our children’s ability to be innocent and free is a bigger crime.

        Many Americans are focused on morbidity and fear due to the medias portrayal of a boogieman lurking around every corner. Personally, I dont think our children are better off for it.

  12. Elizabeth

    Why wouldn’t they put a diaper on him? What if he poops on the sand? Do you pick it up in a plastic baggie like at the dog park?

  13. Anonymous9

    I wouldn’t be comfortable knowing that there were naked pictures of my child out on the internet. Little kids don’t need a bathing suit, but most kids aren’t being photographed and splashed all over celebrity websites. I just think I’d be a little more careful about my kid’s privacy; these pictures will still be out there when he’s grown and it won’t be his choice.

  14. Anonymous

    Leslie, just because Europe allows it and does it, doesn’t make it right. They’re a little behind the times anyway. This is not the stone age where all people had was a cloth.

  15. kamila

    When I see people freak out over a naked baby, it’s obvious that the people are the ones with the problem, not the parents. There is NOTHING sexual about a naked baby, nothing that needs to be hidden away and certainly nothing to be ashamed or embarassed about. It’s not as common here but in Europe and other parts of the world, naked babies on the beach (and naked people for that matter. I’ll never forget the naked old folks I saw on the beaches of Greece) are more common than babies with bathing suits. It’s amazing to me that people will freak out over bottles and pacifiers and what kind of diapers a kid is wearing or whether he/she is naked yet they will shovel nasty McDonald’s and other junk into their toddlers mouths.

  16. Zelda

    I let my child run naked on the beach and I don’t mind seeing other naked children on the beach too. But if I happen to take pictures of him, I never post them or facebook or anywhere, cause I’m worried. There are indeed sick people out there, as much as I don’t want to believe it:-( So this is an A-list celebrity family, they know pics are being taken, it’s a bit strange to me they are not worried.
    As for barechested Orlando. Yes, please

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