Alessandra Ambrosio’s Sweet Son

Model mom Alessandra Ambrosio was photographed carrying her 9-month-old son Noah in Santa Monica, Calif. on Monday (February 18). The Victoria’s Secret model was also joined by partner Jamie Mazur and their 4-year-old daughter Anja.

The Brazilian beauty and her pretty preschooler recently launched London Fog’s Spring 2013 campaign.

“Anja had a lot of fun, she loved all of her outfits,” the proud mom said. “She was really into the polka dot trench coat.”

Anja is one of the many celebrity kids to enter the world of modeling. Check out our list of 5 other high-profile kids and their modeling gigs.

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  1. samantha

    I never find Alessandra beautiful .she pass her ugliness to her children.

  2. coco

    Anja’s so funny! Just look at the faces she makes! It makes me laugh every time I see pics of her!

  3. Mary

    Asessandra and Anja are extremely beautiful but I do love the faces Anja makes towards the photographers, it is very funny. She must be a wild child at home.

  4. lu

    well, her children are nice but she looks too slim…really..she is a model….uau…she is too much slim… 🙁 this body doesnt look healthy

  5. mrs. trumbell

    i love that purple color on alessandra! she should wear it more often.

  6. italian girl

    I like Alessandra’s personality, especially when she walks the runway of VS.
    But I must say that when she has no make up on her face, she is not so beautiful. There are other VS models who are much prettier than her (Anne V, Rosie H.-W, Candice).

  7. Tee

    Alessandra looks like she’d have mad a good looking guy in this pic. Anja is really funny looking. She is not cute at all, kinda like Valentina Jaric….. I think her son might end up bettter.

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